A Record-Making Weekend

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This weekend at CIF, the Cougars set a school record with six CIF medalists.  Kyle Coley placed sixth, Christian Hauser second, Phillip O’shea fourth, Russell Fitzpatrick fifth, Juan Hernandez second, and Victor Mendoza fifth.  The latter five gentlemen qualified for the Master’s meet this weekend in Temecula.  As a team, Capo finished in seventh place.

Russell: true warrior

The weekend was a memorable one for more reasons than one.  The number of medalists is obvious, but just as astounding were the many personal stories of overcoming. 

Kyle Coley wrestled off his onion, scoring a few upsets off the way.  Relatively few people outside of Capo saw him as a threat, yet there he was, in the medal round, defying expectations.  He really stepped it up in the post season in a big way.

Mike Davis took a big jump mentally when he upset the #3 seeded wrestler from Alta Loma.  That kid just wanted to win, and he was going to get it.  I dont’ know how many times he fought back from a deficit to gain the lead.  He just had too much fight in him to be denied in that match.  Other coaches came up to us the rest of the weekend, commenting on how awesome a match that was.  Mikey showed true spirit, and that made a huge impression on the whole crowd.

Juan, likewise, wrestled tough.  He showed true grit in a tough overtime win in the semis, and showed guts again in the finals in overtime.  Though he lost, he wrestled a very tactically sound match against the Alta Loma wrestler, and came within inches of pulling it off.  Flores (the Alta Loma wrestler) is much higher ranked than Juan, but rankings mean precisely jack squat.  Though Flores pinned Juan in the first period last year, this time around Juan gave him quite a run for his money…Juan’s gonna get him next time.

And finally, Russell showed a true warrior’s heart this weekend.  Russ, seeded #6, was defeating the #3 seeded wrestler from San Jacinto 15-1 in the quarters, when his opponent purposely wrenched his finger, fracturing it.  This rendered that hand basically useless.  Though Russ went on to win that match, he dropped his next two matches, landing him in the fifth place bout.  In that match, he came within milimeters of being pinned, but fought off his back to stay alive.  Behind 3-0 with a minute to go in the third, Russell scored multiple takedowns in the final seconds to come from behind and win it.  You had to be there…

All CV wrestlers showed heart at CIF.  Those were just some of the standout moments.  I’m proud to coach you guys. 

Fans and supporters of CV wrestling, realize that this performance is and was a group project.  As Ohio State coach Tom Ryan says often, “you win with people.”  Great thing about this team is that this team is built upon multiple people, many of whom get no time in the limelight, many of whom came before.  From parents, to boosters, administration, extended family, club coaches, our youth coaches Hall, Goddard and Donaldson, coach Flo and Zeller, to our current staff coaches Morgan, Igram, Cordi, and Wells, and too many more to mention…all have contributed greatly to building this program.

If you are not currently on this train, jump on.  We are building this program and it’s gonna get even more fun.

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