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Congrats to Andrew Peel for being a BEAST.  What did he do to earn this title, you ask?  Answer: he picked up a gauntlet coach Bordner threw down by completing the “squat ladder” in yesterday’s lifting session. 

The “squat ladder,” aka “Death by Squat,” is a very deceptive, yet very, very tough workout.  The workout is an “every minute on the minute” workout.  At the start of every minute on the clock, the participants perform a set number of squats.  The workout starts with one squat the first minute, and increases by one in number every consecutive minute, all the way up to 40 minutes.  The first ten minutes the participants do overhead squats.  The second ten=front squats.  Third ten=back squat.  Finally, the last ten minutes are air squats.  The whole thing is done with a 45 lb bar, and that is more than enough weight.

For those that are wondering, that’s 820 squats.  Andrew was the only wrestler to complete the ladder.  Jonny Gutierrez was right behind him, tapping out at 35 minutes.

This is a test of mental fortitude: how much pain can you withstand?  How bad do you want it?  Though Andrew was the only one to complete the ladder, all but three wrestlers improved on the workout from the last time they did it ten weeks ago.  Good job guys!




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