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2013 State Team

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Last week anyone who has wrestled a varsity match this year received a beanie (modeled in the pic below by the lovely Amara Bordner).  The text reads:

“The Yellow and Black Attack: CV Wrestling 2013 State Team.”

Set your sights high fellas.  We are hoping this is a visual reminder and motivator to do just that.

We are now on the road to state.  For varsity wrestlers, those who place top 3 in league qualify for CIF.  Top 5 in CIF move on to the SS Master’s meet, and top 9 from that meet head to the state meet in Bakersfield.  We are now on the road to state!




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This week, first year wrestlers who completed the tryout received their “Murph” shirts as a congratulations:


To recall, see the video recap of the tryout here.  Roughly 30 first year wrestlers have gone through and completed the three workouts thus far.  Capo wrestlers, cherish those shirts: you earned them.

Also, those who made the 6x or 1000 lb club received their shirts this week too.  Geoff Mellor, Phillip O’shea, Jonny Gutierrez, Mike Davis, and Jose Sarabia all lifted 6x their bodyweight or more OR 1000 lbs in four lifts combined: bench, squat, power clean, and deadlift.  Good job!

These shirts were made possible through fundraising and donation, so we have the parents and families to thank.

A HUGE congrats goes to Capo Assistant coach Jeff Morgan for being named as the top fitness trainer in the NATION for LA Boxing for 2012!  Coach received the award in December in Vegas at the yearly awards ceremony for LA Boxing.

morgan top trainer