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Here is a tour of our wrestling room: small (we could really use some more mat space!), but a homely lil place:


One of our past wrestlers once objected to many of the things in the wrestling room: “why do we need all these decorations, like a countdown clock.  It’s such a waste of money and dumb!”  That was not the last time he voiced that objection.   The answer goes back to 2008, when coach attended a coach’s clinic at Ohio State University.  During a tour of that room, the head coach, Tom Ryan, explained why he had so many “decorations” around the room: “we believe that young adults need not just verbal reminders of the attitudes of excellence….they need visual reminders as well.  That is why you will find so many visual things in our room; they serve to remind our wrestlers of the mindset and attitudes that will make them champions.”

If you listen closely to most coaches who have been successful, they have the same outlook.  The same philosophy is in operation in our program.  Even things like our countdown clock serve as visual reminders of very particular things we want our wrestlers to remember.