Class of 2014

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
2014 graduate Mike Davis

2014 graduate Mike Davis

This past Tuesday, six wonderful young men and one wonderful young lady graduated from Capo and our wrestling program.  Each person–Geoff Mellor, Mike Davis, Phillip O’shea, Marshall Ferraro, Cody Carlson, Ryan Merrill, and Cynthia Mendoza–have made their mark on all of us. We hope that you have gained wisdom character from being a part of our program, and that you take what you’ve learned on the mat and apply it in whatever challenges you meet hereafter.


After you’ve wrestled, things won’t exactly be easy, but they will be much, much easier.  The confidence you’ve gained from our program gives you a *big* leg up on the rest of the crowd out there.


Know that you guys are loved, and even though you won’t be on the mat for Capo next year, we will always be in your corner.


2014 graduate Phillip O’shea

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