Where Are They Now? Dave Marohnic

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Dave Marohnic (1981, 3rd in state for Capo) stopped by last week, and we had the chance to catch up with him.  Here is some background about him:

1) What years did you wrestle at Capo, and how did you do during your wrestling career?

*1977 – 1981.

*CIF Master’s (5th) and CA State (3rd) – 1981.

2) What is the best memory of high school wrestling?

When Bob Janko, head coach, brought the team together in 1978 and informed us that our team, Capo Valley Wrestling, had the opportunity to become the first South Coast League Champions in the history of the school; if we beat Mission Viejo in our dual meet. The catch was that no Capo Valley wrestler could get pinned….we needed every point we could get.

MV was strong throughout their line-up, but especially at the lower weights. Wrestlers like Cory Adams, Paul Ortiz, Doug McElhanny, Bill Watson, Pat Oyama, (missing a few, sorry guys!) had to stand up to the heat, so we could get to the larger weights where we had the advantage with Steve Lanham, Brian Muller, Chris Sweeney, and me.

Well, it happened just as Bob had coached and prepared us for. CV wrestlers at the lower weights won just a few of the lower weights but absolutely, positively REFUSED to get pinned. Then, with only 4 matches left, we were down by 18 points; but reaching the strength of CV’s line-up.

  • First was Lanham….pin! (now down by 12)
  • Second was Muller….pin! (down by 6)
  • Third was Sweeney….beats Bergen by a score of 2-1. [Bergen lost 2 matches ALL year, both to Sweeney. Chris later became a shot-putter at UCLA.] (now down by 3)
  • Last was me, needed a major decision to take the championship….pin!….

CAPO VALLEY WRESTLING becomes the first sport to earn the South Coast League Championship!

Bob proved to us all that desire, commitment, solid strategy, and execution makes CHAMPIONS!

3) Where has life taken you since then?  What is your vocation now, and what path did you take to get there?  Family?  

  • 4-year letterman at Stanford University (football)
  • MBA at UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management
  • Currently a Director of New Product Development at Alliance Inspection Management (Long Beach)
  • Live in San Clemente with a son (16) and a daughter (13).

4) How did wrestling prepare you for life after high school? 

  • Be a person that makes their own luck:Learned in school and professionally that the dictionary is the only place where success comes before work. Be disciplined, hardworking, and HELP OTHERS, you’ll be rewarded many times over.
  • Set goals for yourself (again & again) to achieve future successes: have a plan, work your plan, then set new goals. People without goals and their associated efforts often become wanderers, subject to the influences around them, rather than taking charge of their own situation.
  • Good times never last forever, and neither do the bad; there will always be setbacks or hurdles to overcome. Continue to work hard and work your plan, sooner or later something good WILL happen.

5) What are two pieces of advice for current Capo wrestlers…

  • You CAN BEAT wrestlers who are better, stronger, more experienced than yourself if you BELIEVE that you can beat them. (Senior year, I beat Smith from El Dorado in the CIF Sectional semi-finals who was 44-0 at the time….I was 7-0. From a statistical and talent standpoint, I had no right to beat him…but I did.) Don’t lose the match before you step onto the mat.
  • Stay close to your teammates, friends, and school. Athletically, no one knows what we’ve all been through unless they’ve been there too. Each one of you are part of a very select, elite group of individuals. And personally, your bonds and friendships will help each of you in ways you’d never dream of today. Cherish all of them!

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