parent handbookWe are a high school wrestling team in the heart of Orange County in Mission Viejo, California.  We exist to form character and integrity into every athlete that passes through the program.


To be placed on our fan email list serv, email us at capovalleywrestling@gmail.com.

Click on the Parent handbook to view team policies, varsity letter requirements, eligibility, practice requirements, donation refund, wrestle off days, Saturday practice dates, and other parent info.

Capo Wrestling Mission Statement:

Our mantra is “The Capo standard: gritty attitude and effort.”

The following is our Capo Wrestling Creed:

We are consistent.

We are mentally tough.

We are coachable.

We train harder, no matter who is watching.

We finish what we start. We are faithful and loyal.

A Capo Wrestler is one who has a fierce resolve to see the task through in excellence; call it “grit,” or “kaizen” or mental toughness or tenacity or what have you, s/he is, above all, trustworthy in mental and life habits.  A Capo wrestler is more of a work horse than a show horse.


The following quote from the book Musashi, about the master swordsman by that name, sums it up:


“I wouldn’t call Musashi ordinary. But he is. That’s what is extraordinary about him. He’s not content with relying upon whatever natural gifts he may have. Knowing he’s ordinary, he’s always trying to improve himself. No one appreciates the agonizing effort he’s had to make. Now that his years of training have yielded such spectacular results, everybody’s talking about his ‘God-given talent.’ That’s how men who don’t try very hard comfort themselves.”


As a result of our attitude and effort, those who see us will look at the results, shake their heads, and, perhaps assuming it’s because of talent, ask, “how do they do it?”


In other words, habit—through attitude and effort—is paramount. Talent makes a difference, but it is not under our control.  Attitude and effort is—and hard work (attitude and effort) beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.  We do not emphasize talent.  Rather, we emphasize small steps of growth over a long period of time, borne out of wise life habits and great and consistent attitude/effort.


Wrestling is one of the greatest crucibles through which to learn successful life habits.  Through the participation in wrestling, athletes learn to be *gritty,* to display solid work habits which prepare them for the challenges of life. They learn how to adjust to success and failure, pressure and stress, how to overcome and persevere, how to deal with discomfort, and how to work hard…and they have a lot of fun along the way! Their progression from the learning and application of new techniques in guided programs of practice and competition provide the cognitive, physical and emotional training that helps to develop the courage, resilience, and positive attitude they will need as an adult.


Our vision is that both winning and character are important and inseparable, and both require hard work, more work than most think they must put in. Being good is having fun. Being skilled brings meaning to the task. Being good and skilled takes a prolonged and consistent effort, and requires resilience to overcome the many challenges along the way. In addition, when it comes to winning and character, there is an order of priority: if a wrestler and his/her adult support system focus on the pillars outlined above, the winning will take care of itself, and everyone involved—the wrestler and adults— should see benefits off the mat in terms of greater maturity, responsibility, and a better outlook on life.


Why Wrestling?

To put it simply, because wrestling is the toughest sport, and wrestlers are the toughest athletes. Wrestling instills the ability to overcome, to be resilient, to keep going. These things are sorely needed in school, in relationships, in employment, as sons/daughters, husbands/wives, and as fathers/mothers.

It is:

  • Exciting
  • Fun
  • Competing against athletes your own size
  • 1 on 1 combat
  • A place to belong
  • Challenging
  • The chance to excel, stand out, and accomplish something

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