Forms, Handouts

skin form

Gear form 2017

Physician clearance for body fat allowance

Athletic Clearance Process (1) (physical form, etc)

Sponsor ad/banner form 2017

sponsor ad/banner form 2017 spanish

donation form page 1

donation form page 2

Wrestling Code of Conduct

CVHS Wrestling Emergency Info

Parent permission for student self transport

Parent permission for alternative transportation

Parent volunteer driver form

Fingerprint instructions

Fingerprint form

Abraham Lincoln, former wrestler. He was also President of the U.S.

Wrestler Bio Template

weight assessment parent permission forms

gear and rewards point system 2017


  1. chava jerichos dad says:

    what clothing are included with the donation? and are the clothing and gear that you can buy seperately different? thank you

    • Rich Bordner says:

      No clothing is included in the donation. The donation and gear order are totally separate. That is one reason why the donation amount is lower this year. The gear you may order is listed on the back of the donation sheet.

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