Meet the Team




Team Captains: Brandon De La Rosa, Gerardo Hernandez, Wonjae Lee


Seniors: Jesus Oseguera, Andres Gonzalez, Daryl Pring, Joe Curry, Michael Marco, Zach Baker, Brandon De La Rosa, Wonjae Lee


6x/1000 lb club (lift 1000 lbs or 6x body weight in bench, squat, clean, deadlift–combined): Front Row from left–Daryl Pring, Brandon De La Rosa, Wonjae Lee, Andres Gonzalez. Back row from left:Randy Arriaga, Gerardo Hernandez, Michael Marco, Ruben Mendoza

  1. ED CORDI says:

    Looking GREAT Cougars!!! Listen to your Coaches!!!

  2. Catherine Marie Coley says:

    Wayword goals and power to a good career after graduation! The truth is hard work and dedication. Good luck and the same as the followers. To good sportsmanship, Cathy M. Coley
    From : Alabama

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