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Here are two more interviews, this time of sophomores Brandon Hernandez and Lewis O’mara.  Brandon is one of our underclassmen team captains:


Awesome job to the following 4.0 students for fall semester:

Ian Brault

Mike Davis

Mike Logan

Logan Farrand

Jake Peets

Mike Logan’s 4.0 is especially notable, as it is the THIRD 4.0 semester he has had in a row.

Great job fellas!  These guys all have displayed the disciplined habits that make for a successful life.  We are proud of you!  Varsity lettermen who obtained a 4.0 have had their name and GPA put on our “Scholar athlete” board.

Ian Brault earned a 4.0 GPA for fall semester.

Ian Brault earned a 4.0 GPA for fall semester.

CV assistant wrestling coach Jeff Morgan, who teaches MMA and boxing at LA Boxing, stepped back into the ring this weekend.  Normally he’s in the MMA cage, but this time it was the boxing ring.  He came away with a nice lil victory.  Good job coach Morgan!

He has run two marathons and fought a boxing match all in the month of October…ya, coach Morgan is a little crazy, but that’s why we love him.

…Evidently, yes!

Capo rolled over Irvine Thursday night, by a score of 40-17.

On the JV team, Donovan Wilhelm was a standout.  Both him and Edgar Monroy secured pins for the Cougars on the JV squad.  This, combined with his performance at CDM duals and his overall great attitude and work ethic has earned Donovan the “Courageous Cougar” of the week award.  Way to go Donovan!

Donovan Wilhelm. In his short time at Capo wrestling, he has already made an impact.

The varsity dual started out at 106, where sophomore Michael Davis faced a tough Nam Tran from Irvine, who is ranked #2 in the county.  Though he fell short of victory, Mike wrestled tough, holding the Vaquero senior to a major decision.

Zane Coley likewise wrestled tough, dropping a close decision at 113.  This was his first foray into the varsity lineup this year, and we are proud of his scrappiness last night.

Christian Hauser was the first to get CV on the scoreboard, scoring a fall at 120lbs.  Kyle Coley gave senior Joe Mercuri all he could handle, dropping a decision at 126.  This made the score 11 to 6 in favor of Irvine going into the 132 match.

Shane Johnston scored a major decision win at 132, and Geoff Mellor and Michael Logan followed with wins of their own at 138 and 145 respectively.  Ryan Tye and Ryan Knecht both dropped one point nail biters at 152 and 160, but Phillip O’shea got the Cougars rolling again, scoring a pin in 23 seconds at 170.  His is the fastest fall on the year.

Russell Fitzpatrick scored a 12-0 major decision at 182.  After Juan Hernandez received a forfeit at 195, Victor Mendoza, wrestling on a sprained ankle, proved that an old dog can, indeed, learn new tricks, securing a major decision via a tilt at 220lbs.  Not to be outdone, senior Jericho Uribe wrestled in perhaps the most entertaining match of the night, defeating a crowd favorite Irvine wrestler by two points.


Up next for CV is the Edison Beach Bash today and Saturday.  The F/S team is likewise going to compete on Saturday, at the Santa Ana tournament.

Check out the following awesome, awesome video using stock footage from as far back as the 70’s.  If this video doesn’t pump you up and get you all emotional about our great sport, you’re comatose!

Here’s a challenge for you: post to comments the names of all the wrestlers you recognize.  Bonus points if you can identify the match the footage comes from.  Whoever gets the most correct gets a burger on me.  I’ll post the answers (there are a few that I don’t know, however) Sunday or Monday.

A few announcements:

*remember: bar-b-que at the Bordner’s place this Sunday.  Lets start it at 2 instead of 1:30 (we’ll be heading back from church at around 1, and need a little time to set up).  You just bring yourselves…don’t worry about bringing any food.   Parents, you’ll have a chance to meet my daughter!

*Guys: you all need to get to summer league.  Our representation has been increidbly small there: only one has shown up each time.  Some of you continue to tell me you’ll show but haven’t followed through.  At this point, only two guys have made our promo poster.

*Speaking of the poster.  Remember the original criteria–50 matches wrestled in spring and summer.  Summer league matches count, all you need to do is record them on the sheets I hand you guys often.  In addition, I will give 20 points (so you’d have 30 left to earn to get on the poster) for an intensive camp like Eternal Warrior, and 10 points for camps outside of the Capo camp and COC (I cannot give extra points for those two camps, because you already get chances for many matches and hence points in those two camps).  Any spring/summer matches wrestled in club count as well.  If you wrestled weekly at Valdez, Rat Pack, or Reign=10 points (in this case, you need to get verification from the instructor of those clubs.  A signed note saying how often you attended or a phone call/email will do.  Just showing up a few times a month will not earn you any points).  I’ll give double points for major competitions, such as: f/s state, scway f/s/jr state, association duals, and CA state games (I think this comp has not taken place yet).  Bottom line: I want to reward those who go the extra mile.  REMEMBER: you must *verify.*  Just saying, “uhh, I think I wrestled 3 or 4 last night at summer league” will not cut it, so don’t try that.  I’ve given you a method to verify and earn credit, and you need to make use of that.

*Another reminder: the Crossfit Games are July 29-31 at the Home Depot Center.  We are gathering a group to go.  Very motivational.  The stuff you’ll see these folks do will boggle your mind.  For those wondering, our strength and conditioning program is patterned after the CF philosophy, so by going to this event not only will you see some incredible feats of athleticism, but you’ll see the kind of fitness our strength program aims to produce.  You can get your tickets by going here.  Even if you can only go one day, it’ll be worth it!

The good thing about being a coach for CVHS wrestling is that there are some awfully dedicated wrestlers coming up.  It has been a pleasure seeing these core guys get in extra work, work that will pay off come winter.

One of them is Shane Johnston.  This guy lllloves wrestling.  At spring tournaments, not only will he volunteer to referee, but he’ll wrestle in 2 or more divisions.  He never backs down from a mat challenge.  He likes to wrestle tough guys.  Last year he went to Camp of Champs, had a blast, and can’t wait to go back this year.  Right now he’s recovering from surgery but is looking forward to getting back on the mat at camp.  What’s more, he gets in club work almost every day of the week.  That’s amazing!  In fact, his whole family are always eager and energetic volunteers, and are thus a backbone of this program.  It’s great to have the Johnstons on board!


A second tuff guy is Russell Fitzpatrick.  Last night both he and Christian Hauser were the only guys to attend the San Clemente scrimmage with Bakersfield High School.  Russell made a promise to me that he’d go, and later that night when I texted him, he replied, “I always keep my promises, coach.”  Which reminded me–I made a promise to my wife that I’d put together that baby swing, so Russell’s words were the kick in the rear I needed to finally get going on that. 🙂

He’s been taking advantage of a lot of those kind of opportunities.  He is a pillar of this program, and he’s going to make some waves in 2012.   No wonder he was on the wrestling page in the yearbook four times!

Right now, we have about 9-10 guys in this boat.  Will you join them?

US Open Highlights

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The Freestyle/Greco-Roman U.S Open happened recently.  Some great wrestling going on.  Check out the highlights (those of you training for freestyle should check it out especially).