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Last week, the JV competed at the Sonora Duals.  Taylor Barrett went 3-1 at that competition, earning him “Courageous Cougar” honors for the week.  Likewise, Ian Brault, a freshman, was bumped up to varsity to compete in the Laguna  Hills tournament.  Though he did not place, he was a gamer and was willing to swim with the sharks at a varsity level tournament.  That willingness earned him “Tough Guy of the Week” honors.  Facing a tough situation and going out there anyway: that’s the attitude we like on this team.  I bet he had a prodigious amount of fear, but he saddled up anyway.  Taylor and Ian, we are proud of you.













Last night was a tough one against San Clemente.  The dual meet was tight and hard fought.  Andrew Peel and Donovan Wilhelm earned victories on the JV, while Christian Hauser, Kyle Coley, Phillip O’shea, Russell Fitzpatrick, Juan Hernandez, and Victor Mendoza earned wins on the varsity.

All three squads competed this weekend, with the varsity at the 64 team ASICS So-Cal. Challenge, while the JV and FS teams were at the San Clemente Rotary tournament.

The varsity placed 7th as a team, bringing home four individual medals: Victor Mendoza finished 7th, Juan Hernandez 3rd, Christian Hauser 4th, and Russell Fitzpatrick 2nd.  Russell’s performance earned him the “Tough Guy of the Week” award, not really because he finished runner-up, but because he’s such a competitor and a…well…tough guy.  He wrestled some stiff competition, and refused to be intimidated.  Russell’s got the eye, he’s got the fire in his belly.  He’s a COMPETITOR.


The JV and FS teams brought home four medals as well.  Zane Coley finished 3rd, Nico Lizardi 5th, Joey Ahmadzai 5th, and Donovan Wilhelm 5th.  Donovan’s performance also earned him “Tough Guy of the Week” status.  We are so pleased with this young man so far.  He’s got bumps and bruises, but goes out there each time and gives it his all.  Some back down when they aren’t 100%, but Donovan goes at it.  Before his match, he actually asked coach Morgan to slap him to get him pumped up.  That’s not really coach Morgan’s cup of tea, but Donovan went out there and wrestled like a monster anyway.  Like Russell, he’s a competitor.

The Courageous Cougar Award of the week goes out to Nico Lizardi.  This kid is simply consistent.  Each tournament he’s done well, and he’s one of the most dedicated freshmen on the team.  He wants it bad, and if he continues to work hard in the off season and pre season, he’ll be a staple in the Cougar varsity lineup in a year or two.

This week we dual Mission Viejo at home on Tuesday.  It is the seniors’ last home dual of their careers, so we hope everyone comes out to see them off.  This weekend, the Varsity is at Five Counties in Fountain Valley, and the JV is at Long Beach Poly on Saturday.

Stephen Perez is this week’s Courageous Cougar.  The report from the wrestling room is that this guy is working incredibly hard and is a great presence in the room.  He always gives his all and is a vocal encouraging voice.  Stephen: keep up the good work. 


The Jakes

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We have an every-once-and-a-while award here at CV Wrestling called the “Courageous Cougar.”  That award periodically goes to a non-starter who is really stepping it up in one or more ways.  The varsity guys get all the attention typically, but we want a way to highlight everyone else on the team to make sure they are getting recognition.  Hence this award.

The first CC award of the year goes to two guys: Jake Peets and Jake Glaviano.  These two guys have the heart of a lion.

Jake Glaviano


During the tryout, they really stepped up and showed a lot of heart.  All three workouts were waaaay outside anything they’ve ever been able to accomplish, but they resolutely set their minds to the tasks and never quit.  Consequently, they were able to push themselves past their limits.  Way to go fellas!  We are really enjoying having you guys in the program.  Keep the ey.

Jake Peets

*Remember the new practice schedule, and remember the “Donors Choose” project.  Spread the word!

*Wed this week will be our last wrestle off.  Lineup for league will be out after that. Remember, league is at San Clemente, and the bus leaves at 7am.

A big congrats to the JV and Frosh-soph wrestlers who competed this weekend!  At the South Hills JV tournament, Zane Coley finished second, Ryan Knecht finished first, Emanuel Villalobos finished fourth, Jason Hou finished fourth, Nick Lanham finished third, and Afsheen Farnoudi finished second.  At the La Costa Canyon Freshman tournament, Geoff Mellor finished second.  Tell you what: that tournament featured some great competition!

Little big man.

This week’s Courageous Cougar is Ryan Jeffrey.  This kid might not be the biggest guy on the team size wise, but he has a big heart.  He gets out there and scraps every go.  Ryan, keep it up, because you have a great future if you do.

Can I highlight a few other guys that deserve some recognition?  Ryan Tye: can we just give him a round of applause?  The hardest worker on the team, hands down.  That is why he was voted team captain.  He is a leader on the team.  Ryan, no matter what, keep that up…that’s why we love you!

Last but not least, I want to recognize Mr. Taylor Barrett.  He has been injured for much of the year, yet almost every day, he hits the tires hard, and without me having to get on him.  That is a good thing: for most wrestlers, when they are injured, I have to be harsh on them, cajole, beg, and plead to get them to work, and usually it still doesn’t work.  But Taylor has consistently worked out outside with the tires, and that deserves a hat tip.

Mr. Tye

Thanks to all who came out to the booster meeting tonight.  It was good!  I, along with the other coaches, greatly appreciate your support, and hopefully, your sons do too (if not now, they will one day!).  Next booster meeting is Thursday, Feb 10 at 6pm.  Same location (P19).

And: if any of you still have yet to fulfill your community service credit, here’s an oppty for you: recycling!  Yes…on Tuesday, after our dual, a few parents will be taking our recycling from the equipment room and taking them to the recycling center.  When those parents load up up the stuff after our dual, just see them.  They will set up a time for you to prep the bottles/cans and feed them into the recycling machine.  Don’t forget to have that parent sign your form and then you turn it in to me.

Congratulations to this week’s Courageous Cougar: Jon Badger!  This guy has a future in wrestling.  In the last year he has developed a lot, and we are looking forward to seeing him progress.  He always has a great, positive attitude, he goes hard in practice and competition, and is an emerging leader on the team.  Keep up the good work, Jon!

Here's the Badger man, goin crazy on some poor kid.

We had a few Capo wrestlers place over the weekend: Geoff Mellor placed 2nd and John Badger 3rd at the San Clemente Rotary tournament on the Frosh-soph team, while Juan Hernandez placed 5th, Christian Hauser 4th, and Matt Grovom 7th on varsity while at the ASICS Southern California Challenge.  Good job fellas!

This is Matt’s first tournament placing of the year; he is turning on at the right time!  Zane Coley, one of our JV standouts, also wrestled tough at the varsity tournament.  He garnered two wins, showing great heart by coming from 6 down and pulling off a last second win to make it to the second day.  In addition, Jamey Goddard took great steps of improvement as well; he won four matches, and he had to display some gumption and determination to pull through in a few of them.  Keep taking steps–it’s all about peaking at the right time!

This week’s “Courageous Cougar” is Mike Davis.  This guy showed up to practice this week and outworked just about everyone.  During conditioning, he smoked the whole team, making it look easy.  He is also one of the freshmen that has chosen to double up on practice by going to the Frosh-soph and upper level practices back to back.  Keep up the good work, buddy!

Don’t let the “pretty boy” smile fool you; this kid’s an animal.

Competition-wise, we have some important meets this week.  The Laguna Hills dual is away on Tuesday, and the varsity competes at Five Counties this weekend at Fountain Valley High School.  For those that don’t know, Five Counties is one of the toughest tournaments in the nation, rivalling tournaments like the Ironman and Beast of the East out in the midwest.  Let’s just say that if you place at Five Counties, you are legit.

The lineup for Laguna Hills is as follows (+2 weight allowance):
103: Herrera, Z. Coley, Davis
112: Hauser, Monroy, Villalobos
119: K. Coley, Adam, Merrill
125: Johnston, C. Davis, Mellor
130: Logan, open, Bustamante
135: Grovom, Byrne, Harper
140: Goddard, Acuna, Aragon
145: Ramirez, Hou, Badger
152: Beller, E. Garcia, J. Mendoza
160: Tye, Open, open
171: Fitzpatrick, open, open
189: Hernandez, Farnoudi, open
215: V. Mendoza, Uribe, Open
HWT: Pending (either Cordi or Uribe)
The lineup for Five Counties is the same varsity lineup for Laguna Hills.  All varsity wrestlers will go to Five Counties.  Bus times and start times are on the schedule.