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I have parents come up to me frequently and express support of the program, saying “if there’s anything you need…”  Makes my job easier.  🙂

The best way to support the program is to emotionally support your son.  Come to the matches, be there for him when he’s beat up from the grind, help him get through said grind, and frequently tell him you’re proud that he’s a wrestler.

The second best way to support the program is in the area of fundraising.  As I’ve noted frequently before, gone are the days when the school picks up the bill for most things.  Now, the school pays for a few things but the team is responsible for more and more of the cost burden of running the program.  The costs of running the program are quite high–refer to the budget I’ve sent on email a few times.

In addition to necessities, there are always also a few “projects” we’re working on in order to improve the team and hence your son’s experience in wrestling.  Last year the project was getting a new mat and furnishing the wrestling room with record boards, a wall of fame, and various visual reminders of what we’re all about at CVHS wrestling (this project is ongoing btw…we’re always looking to make a better mousetrap).  This year, and for the next few years, the project will be to purchase strength and conditioning equipment such that we can effectively and quickly do strength training as a part of practice, without having to rely upon and schedule time in the weightroom so much.  We’ll still be in it from time to time after this project is completed, but we will have most of the needed equipment on hand ourselves and can get the job done much, much easier (it can be difficult to schedule time in there, for example).  In addition to that, the equipment will help us diversify our training.  The equipment is functional and incredibly fun to use, not simply another set of dumbells and a few nautilus machines.

But none of this will happen without you!  Another slogan I say a lot: many hands make the load light.

Here is a video displaying some of the equipment we’ve already purchased, as well as some of the things we’ve gotten for the wrestling room.  All have been purchased with the funds from our fundraisers.  I’m putting up this video in the hopes that it will motivate you to get involved in our fundraising efforts this year.  One fundraiser–our ad drive–is already happening and you can easily contribute to that one today.  The others will take place in the fall.  Rather than doing a bunch of labor heavy fundraisers that only garner a small amount (like car washes…horrible idea), we prefer to focus on a select few fundraisers with a lot of potential.  If only a few contribute, they will all be big busts, but if everyone does their part, they will be huge successes.

As always, in addition to you contributing to each of our fundraisers yourself, if you know any potential big donors looking for a place to invest, heavens ta mergatroy–send them my way!

Here’s another video of some more camp footage.  Our camp consists of 15 min strength work, then one hour working on new technique and hard drilling, followed by 45 minutes of hard, combative wrestling.  Good stuff.

In the past, I have given an incentive for fundraising: the top four fundraisers who raise at least $300 will earn a spot on the promotional poster for 2011-12.

I found out today, via a meeting with the head principal, that this is actually illegal.  Who knew?

So: I can’t offer that incentive to fundraise.  The incentive to get spring/summer wrestling experience, however (50 matches, and going to camps…I have yet to specify this latter one, stay tuned for it) is still in place.

It is my hope that you guys will still work hard in fundraising, for keep in mind that we must raise our own money, for the most part.  The things that we tend to take for granted can easily be taken away if we don’t raise the money needed for it.  We must live within our means and cannot have benefits that we cannot pay for.  This stuff all goes to benefit you, the wrestlers.  Keep that in mind as you decide how much to work in fundraising.