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A few announcements of note:

*Big shout out to our scholar athletes for spring semester. 4.0: Ian Brault, Logan Farrand, Michael Davis, and Marshall Ferraro. Brault and Davis’s names will be put on our 4.0 wall (varsity lettermen who also get a 4.0). All gentlemen have earned 20 merit points for getting over a 3.75 gpa for spring semester.


*Next, congrats to the following CV wrestlers who achieved perfect attendance spring semester: Brandon Hernandez, Giovanni Martinez, and Noah Scherner. These guys came to every spring practice and never left early/arrived late.


*Last shout out of the day: awesome job to Noah Husband for becoming the latest member of the “6x club,” for those who lift over 6x their bodyweight in bench, squat, deadlift, and clean. This has earned Noah the nickname “pocket hercules.”


Great job fellas!


Awesome job to the following 4.0 students for fall semester:

Ian Brault

Mike Davis

Mike Logan

Logan Farrand

Jake Peets

Mike Logan’s 4.0 is especially notable, as it is the THIRD 4.0 semester he has had in a row.

Great job fellas!  These guys all have displayed the disciplined habits that make for a successful life.  We are proud of you!  Varsity lettermen who obtained a 4.0 have had their name and GPA put on our “Scholar athlete” board.

Ian Brault earned a 4.0 GPA for fall semester.

Ian Brault earned a 4.0 GPA for fall semester.

Congratulations to the following Cougar wrestlers for being our scholar athletes (from the left in the picture):

Ian Brault, Justin Dao, Mike Davis, Jake Peets, Ryan Merrill, Zane Coley, Mike Logan


These guys have a 3.5 cumulative GPA or above…good job guys!

A HUGE congratulations goes out to five CV wrestlers for getting PERFECT ATTENDANCE for spring semester: Geoff Mellor, Ian Brault, Michael Logan, Aaron Geria, and Jake Peets.  These fellas were here every minute of every spring practice from March to June 8.

As a reward, they get perfect attendance trophies this week.  Awesome job, fellas, keep up the good work!

In other news, the following wrestlers have amassed 80 merit points in spring and have thus earned their way onto the 2012-13 promotional poster: Ian Brault, Phillip O’shea, Michael Davis, Jason Garcia, Jonny Gutierrez, Michael Logan, and Jake Peets.  They have earned their way onto the poster through wrestling in spring tournaments and scrimmages, going to club practices, having 90% or greater attendance at spring practices, and having a 3.75 GPA or above for spring.  There are plenty more opportunities to earn points in the summer! 

Perfect attendance, spring 2012: Geoff Mellor, Ian Brault, Mike Logan, Aaron Geria, and Jake Peets

We’ve had lots going on in the past few weeks.  Good stuff:

Three Capo wrestlers participated in the state-wide “Association Duals” by representing the Southern Section: Christian Hauser, Juan Hernandez, and Phillip O’shea.  It was extremely difficult to qualify; the three gentlemen had to place at the top of their weightclass at a very stacked qualifier.  The Association Duals featured section teams from around the state, so they went toe to toe with CA’s best and came away with a fourth place medal as a team.

The Capo boys with the rest of the Assoc. Duals team.

Likewise, Juan and Christian participated in this weekend’s SCWAY “America’s Cup,” a dual and individual tournament competition featuring not only dual teams from around the state of CA, but all-star teams from around the country too.  Though teams like Ohio brought teams stacked with state champions and nationally ranked wrestlers, CA came away with the cup, and both Juan and Christian contributed to that.


A few Capo wrestlers have really been busy with getting some competitions in during the spring, and have thus earned their spot on next year’s promotional poster.  Remember: a wrestler–any wrestler, NOT JUST VARSITY–can get on the poster by earning 80 merit points in the spring and summer.  Jason Garcia, Phillip O’shea, and Ian Brault have earned over 80 points and are thus already on the poster, just from their matches alone (not counting the other stuff they’ve done!).  Good job fellas!  Jonny Gutierrez and a few others are not far behind.  Lets make sure we have a lot of guys on that poster…DON’T just say “I have plenty of time to get my 80 points, so I can take it easy today.”  Wrong.  Get on the mats, earn your spot today, and most importantly–prepare for next year.  Succeeding in CA takes great year-round dedication.  You must go the extra mile.  Do more than required.  If you don’t, don’t expect to get very far.


We’ve also come away with some good funds this past week and used those funds to purchase some strength equipment.  Here’s how it came about: one day, in the midst of talking about how we need strength equipment of our own, I asked the owner of the Crossfit gym I attend (Orange Coast Crossfit) if he knew of any equipment companies that’d be willing to sponsor a high school team.  He just said, “well, why don’t we put on a fundraiser here for you guys?” With the understanding that the funds raised would go to purchasing equipment (they are a Crossfit box, after all, so that is their gig), we put together a fundraising workout on the beach.  It was wildly successful (funds are still coming in a week later), so we have been able to get some equipment. Big thanks to OCCF!

Some of the members of OCCF with Andrew, Marshall, Kayvon, Jose, and Cameron after the beach workout.


Summer is coming up!  We have the Ken Chertow camp, followed by the Capo camp and summer league.  Get in on those opportunities to better yourself.  Next season will be here before you know it!

We had our “Big Kat” wrestling tournament this past Saturday, and I’m pleased to say that a good time was had by all.  It was awesome to see the Capo wrestling community come together like that to put on the show.  Good competition and fun times, can’t beat it.  A HUGE thanks goes out to all who chipped in to help; it takes a *lot* of hands to put on a show like that, so your help is, as always, much appreciated.  We received several compliments on the day, so credit goes out to each one of you.

It was also good to see the alums out!  For example, Spencer Charles, 2010 league champion for Capo, as well as Marlon Lopez, 2010 alum, laced up the shoes again and showed the crowd that they still “have it.”  Many of the seniors, like Shane Johnston, Kyle Coley, and Christian Hauser, likewise jumped in the ring.  There was even a “grudge match” between the bros. Coley!  While big brother Kyle ended up on top eventually, the victory didn’t come without a battle; Zane sure did give Kyle all he could handle, and at one point almost had the big bro pinned!  Zane is crafty like that, Kyle, gotta watch out. 🙂  All in all, looks like Zane gained some respect from big brother.

This one was bigger than Taylor vs. Dake…

Jake Peets won first place in his division.  Good job, Jake!  You are starting to come around…don’t stop now and rest on your laurels!

Jake P.

There are quite a few younguns’ that are working very hard in the offseason to improve their skills.  They are up and comers, and its only a matter of time before they make their mark.  Each one of these guys deserves a pat on the back.

First, Aaron Geria has been consistently coming to our evening practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He’s got the eye.  He’s been learning lots of new technique there and has been applying them in live, scrimmages, and tournaments.

Aaron G.

Second, Landon Hume has recently showed much promise.  He has the physical build that makes for a good wrestler.  Just give him time.  He looked good during our tournament.  Good on ya, buddy!

Third, Ian continues to make his presence felt in pretty much every good way.  He gets in a ton of matches just about every weekend, wrestles in two clubs, consistently works hard in practice, and is a GREAT helping hand.  He was one of the many who helped out at every step along the way last week: at Newhart, for open house, set up Friday, and all day Saturday.  He didnt’ stop until the job was done!  The whole Brault family has been such a big help.

Ian roughin' a poor kid up

Last week, the JV competed at the Sonora Duals.  Taylor Barrett went 3-1 at that competition, earning him “Courageous Cougar” honors for the week.  Likewise, Ian Brault, a freshman, was bumped up to varsity to compete in the Laguna  Hills tournament.  Though he did not place, he was a gamer and was willing to swim with the sharks at a varsity level tournament.  That willingness earned him “Tough Guy of the Week” honors.  Facing a tough situation and going out there anyway: that’s the attitude we like on this team.  I bet he had a prodigious amount of fear, but he saddled up anyway.  Taylor and Ian, we are proud of you.













Last night was a tough one against San Clemente.  The dual meet was tight and hard fought.  Andrew Peel and Donovan Wilhelm earned victories on the JV, while Christian Hauser, Kyle Coley, Phillip O’shea, Russell Fitzpatrick, Juan Hernandez, and Victor Mendoza earned wins on the varsity.