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Congratulations to the following Cougar wrestlers for being our scholar athletes (from the left in the picture):

Ian Brault, Justin Dao, Mike Davis, Jake Peets, Ryan Merrill, Zane Coley, Mike Logan


These guys have a 3.5 cumulative GPA or above…good job guys!

A HUGE congratulations goes out to five CV wrestlers for getting PERFECT ATTENDANCE for spring semester: Geoff Mellor, Ian Brault, Michael Logan, Aaron Geria, and Jake Peets.  These fellas were here every minute of every spring practice from March to June 8.

As a reward, they get perfect attendance trophies this week.  Awesome job, fellas, keep up the good work!

In other news, the following wrestlers have amassed 80 merit points in spring and have thus earned their way onto the 2012-13 promotional poster: Ian Brault, Phillip O’shea, Michael Davis, Jason Garcia, Jonny Gutierrez, Michael Logan, and Jake Peets.  They have earned their way onto the poster through wrestling in spring tournaments and scrimmages, going to club practices, having 90% or greater attendance at spring practices, and having a 3.75 GPA or above for spring.  There are plenty more opportunities to earn points in the summer! 

Perfect attendance, spring 2012: Geoff Mellor, Ian Brault, Mike Logan, Aaron Geria, and Jake Peets

The Jakes

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We have an every-once-and-a-while award here at CV Wrestling called the “Courageous Cougar.”  That award periodically goes to a non-starter who is really stepping it up in one or more ways.  The varsity guys get all the attention typically, but we want a way to highlight everyone else on the team to make sure they are getting recognition.  Hence this award.

The first CC award of the year goes to two guys: Jake Peets and Jake Glaviano.  These two guys have the heart of a lion.

Jake Glaviano


During the tryout, they really stepped up and showed a lot of heart.  All three workouts were waaaay outside anything they’ve ever been able to accomplish, but they resolutely set their minds to the tasks and never quit.  Consequently, they were able to push themselves past their limits.  Way to go fellas!  We are really enjoying having you guys in the program.  Keep the ey.

Jake Peets