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We had our “Big Kat” wrestling tournament this past Saturday, and I’m pleased to say that a good time was had by all.  It was awesome to see the Capo wrestling community come together like that to put on the show.  Good competition and fun times, can’t beat it.  A HUGE thanks goes out to all who chipped in to help; it takes a *lot* of hands to put on a show like that, so your help is, as always, much appreciated.  We received several compliments on the day, so credit goes out to each one of you.

It was also good to see the alums out!  For example, Spencer Charles, 2010 league champion for Capo, as well as Marlon Lopez, 2010 alum, laced up the shoes again and showed the crowd that they still “have it.”  Many of the seniors, like Shane Johnston, Kyle Coley, and Christian Hauser, likewise jumped in the ring.  There was even a “grudge match” between the bros. Coley!  While big brother Kyle ended up on top eventually, the victory didn’t come without a battle; Zane sure did give Kyle all he could handle, and at one point almost had the big bro pinned!  Zane is crafty like that, Kyle, gotta watch out. 🙂  All in all, looks like Zane gained some respect from big brother.

This one was bigger than Taylor vs. Dake…

Jake Peets won first place in his division.  Good job, Jake!  You are starting to come around…don’t stop now and rest on your laurels!

Jake P.

There are quite a few younguns’ that are working very hard in the offseason to improve their skills.  They are up and comers, and its only a matter of time before they make their mark.  Each one of these guys deserves a pat on the back.

First, Aaron Geria has been consistently coming to our evening practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He’s got the eye.  He’s been learning lots of new technique there and has been applying them in live, scrimmages, and tournaments.

Aaron G.

Second, Landon Hume has recently showed much promise.  He has the physical build that makes for a good wrestler.  Just give him time.  He looked good during our tournament.  Good on ya, buddy!

Third, Ian continues to make his presence felt in pretty much every good way.  He gets in a ton of matches just about every weekend, wrestles in two clubs, consistently works hard in practice, and is a GREAT helping hand.  He was one of the many who helped out at every step along the way last week: at Newhart, for open house, set up Friday, and all day Saturday.  He didnt’ stop until the job was done!  The whole Brault family has been such a big help.

Ian roughin' a poor kid up

The Capistrano Valley Cougars qualified nine wrestlers to the CIF tournament in two weeks, and crowned six champions in the process at the South Coast League Finals on Saturday.

The feat is extraordinary due to the league’s reputation, with the #2, #3, and #8 teams in the county, as well as Trabuco Hills, which was honorable mention at one point in the season.

With only the top three wrestlers at each weight moving onto CIF, the competition was mighty stiff.  All three qualifiers at some weights have good chances of medaling at CIF!

Though the team finished third in the team standings (only three points behind San Clemente) Capo’s six champions was the second-highest total in the league:  Laguna Hills had seven champions, while San Clemente had one.  The other teams had no champions.

Winning titles for CV were: Christian Hauser (115), Kyle Coley (128), Phillip O’shea (172), Russell Fitzpatrick (184), Juan Hernandez (197), and Victor Mendoza (222). Also qualifying for CIF were: Mike Davis (2nd at 108), Geoff Mellor (3rd at 140), and Michael Logan (3rd at 147).  Coley, Davis, and Mellor all pulled off huge upsets on the day, avenging losses from earlier in the year.  Mellor’s was especially notable, for he destroyed–then pinned–a wrestler who had pinned him twice earlier in the season.

We really can’t choose one “tough guy of the week” for this one, so we have FOUR: Coley, Davis, Mellor, and Logan.  You guys rose to the occasion and wrestled a stellar meet.  All four of you have come far in your respective careers so far.









In addition, give a huge pat on the back to seniors Shane Johnston, Ryan Tye, and Jericho Uribe, and Junior Donovan Wilhelm.  We are looking forward to Donovan’s return next year, but the aforementioned seniors put on the CV singlet for the last time Saturday, wrestling with heart and soul.  Ryan in particular impressed multiple opposing coaches with his sportsmanship.  It has been a pleasure coaching you guys, and you will be missed.  Dono, you’re a beast, and with a hard off season’s work, you’re gonna make some waves next year.

CV Wrestling had a bit of a treat yesterday: Capo has had one state champion over the years–Mike Phillips.  Not only did he win state once, but he managed to do it twice back in the late 80’s!  He stopped by to work with the guys and give them some perspective and words of encouragement.  Not only was he a stud wrestler, but he has a first rate intellect as well: he is a phd and works in the biochemistry field.   What’s more, he has a lab in Spain…that’s far out (literally!).  We REALLY appreciate the visit, Mike, and hope to see you around next year.

Kyle Coley is our “tough guy of the week.”  He gutted out an overtime victory over a tough county ranked Laguna Hills wrestler on Tuesday.  He responded to a bit of adversity by turning up the heat on his opponent and getting the job done.  That’s the way to respond: rather than shutting down or responding negatively to adversity, he nailed it.  Good job, Kyle!



We have quite a few young men who are doing very well in their classes so far this year.  The top five scholar athletes, based on grades in school loop as of 10/26 (not counting wrestling grade) is:

1) Wesley Wong: 4.0

2) Kayvon Mahmoodzadeh: 3.8

3) Jake Peets: 3.8

4) Ryan Tye: 3.5

5) Kyle Coley: 3.5

Also getting a 3.2 or above are: Zane Coley, Michael Davis, Aaron Geria, Ryan Knecht, Nico Lizardi, and Michael Logan. I’m sure I’m missing someone.  Post to comments if I have.

We are proud of you guys.  Keep up the good work.

This Thursday, 5:30 pm at San Clemente H.S, there will be yet another scrimmage, this time with Bakersfield H.S.  Just in case you didn’t know, they were state champs in 2010 and finished runner up in 2011.  This is an awesome opportunity!  You need to go.  If you don’t have a ride, find a way to get there.  This is just another opportunity to better yourself.

Speaking of opportunities, here is a video interview of the bros. Coley, and Christian Hauser.  These three guys are consistently doing extra work to make themselves better, and in all three cases, it has paid off tremendously:

NOTE: There will be no weightlifting or wrestling on Tuesday, May 17.  Everyone will be taking the STAR test.  We will go Mon and Thurs until 3:30 this week.

NOTE 2: This Saturday, 941 S. Idaho La Habra CA 90631, 11am.  Help coach and his (very) pregnant wife move.

Check out the video below (a Vs. commercial).  If it doesn’t pump you up, check your pulse:

Good job to those who competed this weekend.  Kyle Coley got a huge win over Trevor Henderson of Mission Viejo.  Taylor Barrett placed second.  Jobe made it to the finals, and he did it without shoes!  That guy…

Once killed a Honey Badger with his bare hands....Taylor Barrett don' care.