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*Check out highlights of the Penn St.–Iowa dual.  #8 Iowa upset #1 Penn St. at Penn St.  Also check out the crowd before the dual.  Some are already calling it the “dual of the decade.”  Probably overshooting things a bit, but still, it was electric.  Notice how hard these guys wrestled, and how hard nosed the Iowa guys were.  It’s wrestling like that that’ll bring fans into the gym…when you get after it on the mat, score like a machine, and don’t let up, that’s exciting.

Juan Hernandez

Here is the lineup for league finals.  Remember, bus leaves at 7am, meet starts at 9:30 ish.  +2 allowance:

103: Herrera, Coley, Davis

112: Hauser, Monroy, Villalobos

119: Coley, Adam, Merrill

125: Johnston, Mellor, C.Davis

130: Logan, open, Bustamante

135: Grovom, Byrne (?), Harper

140: Ramirez, Acuna, Aragon

145: Goddard, Hou, E.Sanchez

152: Beller, E. Garcia, Lanham

160: Knecht, Tye, open

171: Fitpatrick, Farnoudi, open

189: Hernandez, open, open

215: Mendoza, open, open

HWT: Uribe, open, open

NOTE 2: John Badger will go to Downey at 145, Eddie Garcia will be at 152 instead.  Monroy will go to LCC at 112, and Viallalobos will go to South Hills at 112.

NOTE: This Wednesday, the VARSITY ONLY will have the day off.  All other wrestlers will have practice from 3-4pm.

The varsity did an *excellent* job at the Laguna Hills Invitational by placing second in the whole tournament!  Good job guys!  Quite a few young men medaled: Christian Hauser finished first, Shane Johnston third, Matt Grovom second, Russell Fitzpatrick first, Juan Hernandez second, and Victor Mendoza third.  In addition, Russell was named the Most Outstanding Upper Weight Wrestler of the tournament.  Great job Russell!

Where to go from here?  Though this week’s performance was encouraging, we still have things we need to improve upon, and the post-season is right around the corner.  Let’s be sure we don’t rest on our laurels.  In particular, Monday, Thursday, and Friday this week we will be working on our offense.  Come ready with the right attitude to work on your weaknesses so you can peak at the right time.

Tuesday is our last dual of the season, vs. San Clemente at home.  Saturday, the JV “A” team will be at the South Hills tournament, while some of the F/S  “A” team will be at the La Costa Canyon tournament (we are only able to send Freshmen).  We will also be sending some wrestlers to the Downey JV tournament (notably, those on the F/S team not able to go to LCC).  The lineup is as follows (all weight allowances +2 until further notice):

San Clemente:

Varsity: same, with 152 pending

103: Z.Coley, M. Davis

112: Monroy, Villalobos

119: Adam, Merrill

125: Mellor, C.Davis

130: open, Bustamante

135: Byrne (pending), Harper

140: Acuna, Salinas

145: Hou, Badger

152: E. Garcia, Lanham

160: Knecht, open

171: Farnoudi, open

189: Open, open

215: open, open

HWT: open, open

Lineup for La Costa Canyon:









Salinas (145)

J.Mendoza (152)

Lineup for South Hills





Byrne (?)






Lineup for Downey




E.Garcia (145)




*E. Sanchez

NOTE: wrestlers with a *by their name will travel with the team to Downey, but are NOT garaunteed entry.  We are going to try to get you in but the tournament director cannot make any promises.  For those wrestlers with a *by their name ONLY, if you do not get in you will be released early to be taken home by a parent if you wish.  For all other wrestlers, you must stay the whole time…no leaving early.  This goes for wrestlers at the other tournaments too…support your team!

We had a few Capo wrestlers place over the weekend: Geoff Mellor placed 2nd and John Badger 3rd at the San Clemente Rotary tournament on the Frosh-soph team, while Juan Hernandez placed 5th, Christian Hauser 4th, and Matt Grovom 7th on varsity while at the ASICS Southern California Challenge.  Good job fellas!

This is Matt’s first tournament placing of the year; he is turning on at the right time!  Zane Coley, one of our JV standouts, also wrestled tough at the varsity tournament.  He garnered two wins, showing great heart by coming from 6 down and pulling off a last second win to make it to the second day.  In addition, Jamey Goddard took great steps of improvement as well; he won four matches, and he had to display some gumption and determination to pull through in a few of them.  Keep taking steps–it’s all about peaking at the right time!

This week’s “Courageous Cougar” is Mike Davis.  This guy showed up to practice this week and outworked just about everyone.  During conditioning, he smoked the whole team, making it look easy.  He is also one of the freshmen that has chosen to double up on practice by going to the Frosh-soph and upper level practices back to back.  Keep up the good work, buddy!

Don’t let the “pretty boy” smile fool you; this kid’s an animal.

Competition-wise, we have some important meets this week.  The Laguna Hills dual is away on Tuesday, and the varsity competes at Five Counties this weekend at Fountain Valley High School.  For those that don’t know, Five Counties is one of the toughest tournaments in the nation, rivalling tournaments like the Ironman and Beast of the East out in the midwest.  Let’s just say that if you place at Five Counties, you are legit.

The lineup for Laguna Hills is as follows (+2 weight allowance):
103: Herrera, Z. Coley, Davis
112: Hauser, Monroy, Villalobos
119: K. Coley, Adam, Merrill
125: Johnston, C. Davis, Mellor
130: Logan, open, Bustamante
135: Grovom, Byrne, Harper
140: Goddard, Acuna, Aragon
145: Ramirez, Hou, Badger
152: Beller, E. Garcia, J. Mendoza
160: Tye, Open, open
171: Fitzpatrick, open, open
189: Hernandez, Farnoudi, open
215: V. Mendoza, Uribe, Open
HWT: Pending (either Cordi or Uribe)
The lineup for Five Counties is the same varsity lineup for Laguna Hills.  All varsity wrestlers will go to Five Counties.  Bus times and start times are on the schedule.

There will be a booster meeting Thursday Jan 20 at 6pm in room P19 at Capo.  All parents are encouraged to attend.

There are a few things on the agenda, but the most important is the following: I’d like to get started not only searching for some big donors, but also searching for/writing grants. I’ve been doing both over break, and just need some help with it. I feel that if we get a good team of parents on those tasks, we can find lots of $ out there, and raising 10-12,000$ for some much needed strength equipment (that we will be for us to use, not other teams) will be a very attainable goal. You know the drill: hard for one person to do it, but easy for a team of folks. Example for inspiration: my sister was able to secure a grant to purchase IPODS for her class room (she is a Spanish teacher in Chicago)…grant size was about 1400$. She didn’t have to do much to get it…things like that will add up, we just need to find them.

In other news, congrats to the two “Courageous Cougars” for the week: Geoff Mellor and Eddie Garcia!  Not only did Geoff go 5-0 at Santa Fe, but he worked his tail off Thursday and Friday in practice.  He normally works his tail off, but really pushed past the pain for two very tough practices.  Some guys sandbagged it and therefore they weren’t that tired at the end of each practice.  Geoff pushed himself past his limits, and as a result got much better workouts.  As for Eddie, this kid’s got a ton of heart.  During practice Friday, he had a few bumps and bruises that gave him some pain, but he pushed all that aside and kept going.  During our weightlifting workout, one of the coaches privately pointed out to me: “see that guy? (pointing at Eddie)   He’s got heart.  He’s gonna be good real quick.”  I agree.

Eddie: an asset to any team

Monday’s practice will be an all levels practice from 2:05 to about 3:35.  Those who were supposed to be at the Saturday practice but missed it will be staying after practice for some make-up conditioning.  That will last anywhere from half an hour to an hour.

Those of you who missed all three practices (Thurs, Fri, Sat) will sit out one meet this week…whatever meet you were normally slated to compete in.

Tuesday, the JV and F/S “B” teams will dual El Toro at El Toro H.S.  Friday and Saturday both the JV and Varsity will be at the ASICS Challenge tournament at Godinez H.S in Santa Ana.  F/S team will be at San Clemente Rotary tournament on Sat.  Bus and start times for all meets are on the schedule. 

The El Toro meet will be and always has been a meet where we are going to try to work in some guys who haven’t competed a whole lot yet.  If you are the normal JV or F/S guy and don’t get the start, it is nothing personal.  This is merely one of those meets where we try to get other wrestlers some experience.  Most likely, if you’ve wrestled more than 5-6 times this year, you will not wrestle at El Toro.  That being said, there are some weights where the “B” team guy will be sitting out due to missing practice, or there’s just no other guy we can put in.  In those cases, the “A” team JV or F/S wrestler will get the nod.  Here is the lineup for all the meets:

El Toro (Scratch weight):

103: JV–Cholula.     F/S–Gomez

112: JV–Villalobos.     F/S–Ferraro

119: JV–Adam.     F/S–Burt

125: JV–Guevara.     F/S–?

130: JV–Byrne.     F/S–Mellor

135:  JV–Harper.     F/S–?

140: JV–Aragon.     F/S–?

145:   JV–Badger.     F/S–E. Sanchez

152: JV–E. Garcia.     F/S–?

160:  JV–?     F/S–?

171: JV–Tye.     F/S–?

189: JV: Farnoudi.     F/S–?

215: JV–Uribe.     F/S–?

HWT: JV and F/S–?

Lineup for San Clemente Rotary (remember, those of you who normally compete on the F/S team and missed all three practices, this will be the meet you sit out.  Same goes for JV and Var guys at ASICS).  Weight allowance pending:

103:  Jeffrey

112: Villalobos

119: Merrill

125: Mellor

135: Byrne

140: Aragon

145: Badger

160: Lanham

ASICS lineup (+1 weight allowance on Friday, +2 on Saturday):

103: Herrera, Z. Coley

112: Hauser, Monroy

119: K.Coley, Adam

125: Johnston

130: Logan

135: Grovom

140: Goddard

145: Ramirez, Hou

152: Beller, E. Garcia

160: Tye

171: Open

189: Hernandez, Farnoudi

215: V. Mendoza, Uribe

HWT: Cordi (?)

A few Cougars put up stellar performances at this weekend’s competitions!

We suffered a bit of a setback at Irvine (lost 27-39), but then rebounded with strong performances at the Santa Ana Frosh/Soph tournament, and the Edison Beach Bash. 

Michael Davis, a freshman, battled with a buncha sophomores and placed third at Santa Ana.  All who went performed well.

The Edison tournament was a very tough varsity tournament; with a field of 54 very talented, quality teams, the tournament was the toughest one we’ve been to in a few years.  Christian Hauser placed 6th, Dylan Beller placed 7th, Juan Hernandez place an amazing 2nd, and Victor Mendoza came out of absolutely nowhere and placed 6th!

...he scares me

Gentlemen, we are very proud of you.  Keep up the good work.  Dylan, you showed amazing athletic prowess this weekend.  After one of your losses, when your opponent shook my hand, he said, “that guys is HUGE!  You sure he’s 152?”  Christian, you are a beast and your hard work in the offseason is paying tremendous benefit.  Juan, you are now a force to be reckoned with.  Victor, in just a year and a half, you’ve come very far in your wrestling.  You have the potential to really raise some eyebrows this year.  Work hard in the practice room, keep the eye, and you will go far.  Michael, the word on the street is that you are preeeettty tough.  With the proper off season and summer work, brutha, you can be an absolute tornado in a year or two.

On to this week’s lineup.  We have Mission Viejo dual away on Tuesday (+2 weight allowance), Mater Dei at home (+2 as well), and the JV and F/S both will be at Downey on Saturday for a tournament (scratch weight).  We will be taking MANY extras to Downey.  Though we cannot garauntee you will get entry into the tournament (depends on if there are open spots in the bracket at your weight), we are going to try to get you in.
In addition, wrestle off challenges for those who want to challenge will be Friday and Monday (both wrestlers must be within 5 lbs of each other…no other weight rules than that), and the varsity will practice 8am Saturday in preparation for the Mann Classic the following Tues/Wed.

Victor and Juan with a proud coach Cordi at Edison

For MV and MD both:
103: Herrera, Z. Coley, M.Davis
112: Hauser, Monroy, Sheppard
119: K.Coley, Adam, Merrill
125: Daniel Bahmani (S. Johnston for MD), C. Davis, ?
130: Logan, Mellor, Bustamante
135: Grovom, Byrne, ?
140: Goddard, Acuna, Harper
145: Ramirez, Hou (for MV), Badger (E. Garcia JV for MD)
152: Beller, Angelini, J. Mendoza (pending)
160: Knecht, Tye, ?
171: Fitzpatrick, Farnoudi, ?
189: Hernandez, ?, ?
215: Mendoza, Uribe, ?
HWT: ???
For Downey, the JV and F/S wrestlers listed above for MV and MD will go.  In addition, the following extras will go (remember, there is a wrestle off Friday, so you might go from being an extra to being THE guy for JV/F-S…just keep that in mind):
Aragon (pending clearance)
E. Sanchez
*That’s it!  Courageous Cougar for last week comes out tomorrow…hint: he put in a great performance at Lakewood and CDM, and he’s been working like a monster in the off season. 

The coaches have talked to the wrestlers a lot about post-workout nutrition. Getting in the proper nutrients after a workout is crucial for recovery and progress in training. Without going into the detailed science of it all, immediately following a workout, your body is extremely open to “sucking up” the right nutrients. This window lasts for about 45 minutes, then the opportunity closes. The key is to eat and drink the right stuff within about ten minutes. Doing so will increase energy for the next street workout exercises, and will decrease muscle damage and soreness.

So what is the “right stuff”? There is a range of stuff that works for different people, but a few things stick out. For most, a simple carb plus protein works just fine. For example, you could eat some strawberries or blueberries coupled with a protein shake (this is what I do after my workouts and this seems to work for me).

Returning NCAA D1 champion Kyle Dake of Cornell.

Another piece of fruit like a banana, grapes, or a yam are also good options. Raw milk (as opposed to pasteurized) mixed w/ a protein powder is another option. Some also swear by taking in “good” fat through nuts, but this doesn’t work for some.

The point is to experiment within parameters (this is NOT anything goes! No Inn and Out burgers post-workout!), pay attention to how your body reacts, and go with what works. If you are too lazy for the “observe how your body reacts” part ( 🙂 ), just go with a fruit and protein combination.

Pack it in the morning and take it with you in your gear bag, so you can have it right after practice. Don’t wait until you get home to make it and eat/drink it.

And….don’t forget: fish oil works wonders. It is one of the only supplements that I heartily endorse.

Addendum: Corbin Acuna will be JV 140 for Irvine, John Badger will be varsity 145 for Irvine, Jason Hou will be JV 145 for Irvine, and Jared Giles will be 215 for Edison (rather than HWT for Edison…He will still be HWT for Irvine though). Lastly, Ryan Merrill will be our 119 guy for Lakewood tomorrow.

The policies handout has been revised…second wrestle offs are now Friday Dec 17 and Mon Dec 20.

Lineup Changes

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Lineup

For Lakewood quad, the following lineup changes will take place:

145: Pending

Mark Perry's excellent flexibility helped him win 2 NCAA titles. This is why you should pay attention to the little things in your flexibility. Are you working on that?

171: Roger Garcia

For this week at Irvine and the Edison H.S Beach Bash (at Edison H.S), the following lineup changes will take place:

112 Varsity: Christian Hauser

119 Varsity: Kyle Coley

125 Varsity: Shane Johnston

130 Varsity: Michael Logan

JV: Mellor

F/S: Bustamante

135 Varsity: Matt Grovom

140 Varsity: Jamey Goddard

145 Varsity: Pending

JV and F/S: Pending (pending for Lakewood quad too)

all others the same.