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A few announcements of note:

*Big shout out to our scholar athletes for spring semester. 4.0: Ian Brault, Logan Farrand, Michael Davis, and Marshall Ferraro. Brault and Davis’s names will be put on our 4.0 wall (varsity lettermen who also get a 4.0). All gentlemen have earned 20 merit points for getting over a 3.75 gpa for spring semester.


*Next, congrats to the following CV wrestlers who achieved perfect attendance spring semester: Brandon Hernandez, Giovanni Martinez, and Noah Scherner. These guys came to every spring practice and never left early/arrived late.


*Last shout out of the day: awesome job to Noah Husband for becoming the latest member of the “6x club,” for those who lift over 6x their bodyweight in bench, squat, deadlift, and clean. This has earned Noah the nickname “pocket hercules.”


Great job fellas!


This weekend was one to remember for CV Wrestling.

Juan Hernandez was crowned champion of the Five Counties Wrestling Tournament in Fountain Valley this weekend, avenging 2 losses from earlier in the year in the process.

A little history of Five Counties: 5Co. is one of the toughest tournaments in the state, if not the nation, boasting around 100 teams from all over the state, and Nevada.  Countless state ranked guys are present.  If you place in this one, you are legit.

It has been 25 years since Capo has had a champion, so Juan deserves some well-earned recognition.  Juan, we are proud of you.

As a team, Capo tied for 10th with Santa Ana, and we led county teams with 3 medalists.  Christian Hauser wrestled his butt off and placed fourth, while Victor Mendoza placed 7th at 200lbs.  Both of these gentlemen wrestled well over the weekend.

Next, a big thanks goes out to Eddie Garcia, the Assarpour brothers, and Taijeron Villalobos for volunteering at the OC Throwdown on Saturday.  I know you guys had fun and saw some awesome athletic feats.

The JV also competed this weekend, at Long Beach Poly H.S.  Jason Garcia and Andrew Peel took home fourth, while Jericho Uribe and Marshall Ferraro took home third.

Able to leap tall buildings in a single's MARSHALL! (cue Superman theme song)

Both Marshall and Juan have earned the “Tough Guy of the Week” awards.  Juan’s reason is obvious: the dude wrestled with fire in the belly this weekend.  For Marshall, he is improving each time out.  What is notable about him is that he is often asking the coaches NOT “What did I do wrong?” but “What can I do to improve?” and what’s more, he actually listens to the advice and works on it!  Great job, Marshall.

Folks, this is a good one for our program.  We are going places.  So many people at multiple tournaments this year have noted that Capo is making a splash now.  We are getting noticed.  Everyone should be proud of Capo wrestling and what it is beginning to accomplish.  The confidence that teams like Laguna Hills, Santa Ana, and Servite struts around with is right around the corner for us.

This is a lot of momentum, so know that you guys who are not graduating this year have an incredible responsibility to keep this going.  You will have big shoes to fill after this year.  Let’s make sure you are doing the hard work now and in the offseason such that you can take over with confidence when it is time.