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This week, first year wrestlers who completed the tryout received their “Murph” shirts as a congratulations:


To recall, see the video recap of the tryout here.  Roughly 30 first year wrestlers have gone through and completed the three workouts thus far.  Capo wrestlers, cherish those shirts: you earned them.

Also, those who made the 6x or 1000 lb club received their shirts this week too.  Geoff Mellor, Phillip O’shea, Jonny Gutierrez, Mike Davis, and Jose Sarabia all lifted 6x their bodyweight or more OR 1000 lbs in four lifts combined: bench, squat, power clean, and deadlift.  Good job!

These shirts were made possible through fundraising and donation, so we have the parents and families to thank.

Tryout 2012

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FINALLY, I’ve had time to put together some highlights from our tryout over a month ago:

Yep, some of their reps are sheisty.  We’re working on that.

NOTE: Tuesday we will be running through “Fight Gone Bad,” one of the metabolic workouts that we test on.  It will take place at Orange Coast Crossfit (click link for address), at 3:30.  It is voluntary.  For Fight Gone Bad, we will leave from the wrestling room Tuesday at 2:45 in a caravan.  It is requested that you bring a $5-$10 cash donation in order to offset the cost of testing at the gym (costs $75 for the team).

NOTE 2: our last “big 5” tournament is this Saturday at Loara High School in Anaheim.  1765 W Cerritos Ave Anaheim, CA 92804. Carpool leaves from Capo 6:45.  It is important that we go out on a good note and get 20+ guys going.  Uhhhh….never mind.  It has been cancelled.  Crap.

This past Thursday, the team did “Murph.”  Murph is a crossfit metabolic workout, and it’s very tough.  Just look at the guy below, Navy SEAL Michael Murphy, that it’s named after!  He was a medal of honor winner, so any workout named after a hero like that is bound to make you wanna die.  Click on the link over his name to see his life details.

Here is the workout: 1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, and 300 squats, followed by another mile run.

A true hero

The guys did an awesome job.  The workout is supposed to be done without pullup assistance and while wearing a 20lb vest.  Completing it like that should be a goal for you guys next time!

Here is a video of how it went down, first with an interview from coach explaining the rationale for going through the workout:


I need to add a caveat to the interview: of course, some of our guys do a lot of stuff on their own without me making them do it.  Guys like Kyle, Christian, Zane, Geoff, Shane, and Jason Garcia do stuff on their own all the time.  My hope is that the fellas who are not model these horses consistently.