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See attached for the specifics on our new point system.  Our desire here is to reward hard work and good things, but eliminate things that will be detrimental to the success of the team.

Clarification: negative points for missing competitions applies to in-season competitions only (December through February), and in spring, neg. points for missing practices applies to 6th period days only (since once the season is over we’ll be practicing until 3:30 on those days only).  Last thing: of course, if you are in a spring sport/football lifting, you are exempt from neg. points for missing practice.

Sheesh, ok, I think that covers it….hopefully.

Wrestling point system


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Two quick announcements:

*For Tuesday (tomorrow), please send the names and address form completely filled out with your wrestler to school tomorrow. I was only able to collect two sheets today. We need them well before our direct mailer on the 4th so we can print up address labels. At this juncture, this 3rd fundraiser is incredibly important. Those who are in fall sports are encouraged to participate as well by dropping off their sheet at PE-1 Tuesday. If you are not able to drop it off Tuesday, still bring it to the fundraiser on the 4th (you will just send your letters w.o the typed out address labels).



*I know some varsity guys are going to El Dorado this Saturday, but those that are not–even the rookies–are encouraged to go to the San Clemente tournament. No USA/SCWAY card needed. Only $10 to enter. Weigh ins at 7. Don’t even worry about your weight…just show up and wrestle!


If you’ve never heard of Dan Gable, google him.  He’s a legend of the sport…some say “THE” legend of the sport. His fingerprints are all over USA wrestling over the past three decades.  In his day, he was the most dominant wrestler out there, and he carried the same dominance into his coaching career.  Click here to watch part two of a video series on Gable.  The whole series is worth watching, but part two is especially motivating.  Get on it!


*Reminder: parent meeting Wed 9/21, 6:30pm, wrestling room.

*Pre-season tournaments at El Dorado 9/17 and San Clemente 10/1.  Need SCWAY card for El Do, but no card needed for SC.  Some of you are close to getting on the poster…those 2 tourneys could put you over the top.

*Please start turning in your donations.  If we don’t raise the needed funds with our big three fundraisers (donations, ad drive, direct mailer…info on direct mailer to come later), we will need to do extra fundraisers during the season, and they will take much more work to get done.

*Get cleared!  Clearance packets found here.


*Saturday Sept 24, 4pm: team soccer game and bbq at coach Bordner’s apartment.  Meet at 4 at the soccer fields on Hidden Hills Rd in Laguna Niguel.  We’ll play a soccer game then go to coach’s apartment for grub.  A sign up sheet for food and other needs will go around Thursday, Monday, and at the parent meeting Wed.

*This just in: Monday will be a 1,3,5 day…so: no 6th period Monday.


*SCWAY tournament at El Dorado on 9/17. Check back at frequently to see if new tourneys have been added. Some of you are awfully close to getting on that poster.


*parent meeting 9/21 Wed at 6:30 pm in the wrestling room.



This is an awesome song featuring former Iowa wrestlers, like Mark Ironside. I have to say, “Ironside” is an awesome name for a wrestler. The only better name is “Bonebrake,” which was the name of two wrestling twins that wrestled in a neighboring town when I was in high school. I’m not kidding!


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Ok fellas:

PS: PARENT MEETING SEPT 21 6:30pm in the wrestling room…kiddos, give your parents the flyer I handed out today!

*get cleared!  Use the packet I gave you today or download one here.  You must be cleared to wrestle after school!  Turn in TO ME.

*start getting your donations in.  Checks made out to CVHS Wrestling booster.

*start getting your gear orders in.  Checks made out to CVHS Wrestling booster.

*Turn in your blue cards TO ME.

*Get on the fundraising.  GET R’ DONE!

*EVERY DAY, bring workout clothes, wrestling gear, and running shoes.

*Tomorrow, bring parent email and phone number…many burpees if you don’t!

*Get ready to roll…

Remember: you must be tough

Yearly Calendar Revision

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…Remember when I said that all dates on the calendar were subject to change?  🙂

The practice times on the following dates have been revised on the yearly calendar (found in the “schedule” tab):

November 14

Jan 30

Be advised

Ta daaa!

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There is a yearly calendar now available for download in the “Schedule” section.  Has notable events/competitions/and practice times for the next 12 months.  Note: all dates/times are subject to change, so stay tuned to the website posts for news on changes.