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We’ve had some real good practices lately. Check out some of the footage of our practice on Tues:

Workin’ hard…and, I hope you saw that we have Mr. Marc Cordi himself back! Marc, it’s good to see you with your shoes on, scrappin’ with the big guys again. For those that don’t know: Marc, one of our captains, has been injured since April, and as a result has been on the sidelines the whole year, but now he is back in action!

Good job last night, fellas! 

I’ve had so many staff and administrators commenting on you guys the past week.  There’s a good buzz going around about CV wrestling.  Let’s ride this tide all the way up to the end of the season.  Don’t let up…keep going up and up!

A note on winter break practice schedule: varsity practices tomorrow, Saturday at 8am to 10.  Monday practice for all wrestlers 8am to 10.  Tuesday and Wednesday varsity is at Mann Classic.  Tuesday practice for JV and FS at 8am.  Wed JV is at Santa Fe 10 way duals.  Dec 23-Wed Dec 29 there is no practice.  Rest and recouperate.  Practice resumes Thurs Dec 30 8am to 11am.  Same schedule Friday Dec 31.  No practice on Jan 1.