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This weekend five CV wrestlers wrestled with absolute heart and soul. Seniors Russell Fitzpatrick and Victor Mendoza wrestled the final matches of their careers, while Phillip O’shea, a sophomore, wrestled in his first Masters tournament. They “went to war” and left it all on the mat.  Fellas, we are very proud of you.  Each of you faced adversity in this tournament, and each of you faced it in a courageous way.  It would be very easy to give up or let it mentally get to you, but you guys ended with a bang, not a whimper, and though you did not qualify for state, how you battled out there is what matters. 

PHILLIP O'SHEA...doin work.

Seniors Juan Hernandez and Christian Hauser likewise wrestled tough, qualifying for state.  Good job fellas!  The Southern Section Masters meet is a meat grinder of a competition.  Every match is against a quality, tough opponent.  You must be on guard and completely focused for every match.  Make one mistake and you are done.  Needless to say, its tough just to get there, much less to medal at the meet.  The top 9 advance to the state meet.  That sounds like a lot, but given the quality of wrestlers there, it is extremely difficult to place in the top 9.  The medals go not necessarily to the most talented, but to the ones with the most focus.  The reason why its 9 instead of, say, 3, is because of the Southern Section’s size (over 250 schools), and the quality of wrestlers.  Weaker and smaller sections, like LA city or Oakland, only get 1 or 2 qualifiers, because those tournaments are much easier.  The number reflects the relative toughness of each section.  That the SS gets 9 should tell you something about the tournament.

Throughout the whole weekend, there was drama, and stories that came out of the weekend that will serve as good examples for the younger guys.  Russell battled his heart out despite an injury to his hand that greatly affected his ability to do what he does best (namely: ride on top and turn guys for pins) and his ability to take a wrestler down.  Juan wrestled like a man every match.  In his quarterfinal match he was wrestling a guy that was, quite frankly, muscling him around.  The second period came, Juan reversed him, and within 30 seconds put him on his back and pinned him.  That’s how you handle a moose.

Christian had perhaps the toughest road to state that I’ve seen in a while.  He had an injured ankle *and* knee and had to go through a gauntlet of tough opponents, guys that were better than him on paper.  First, a highly ranked wrestler was upset in the early rounds of the tournament, and after C won his first consolation round (he was 1-1 in the tournament prior to dropping into the consolation bracket), this highly ranked wrestler from MLK matched up with Christian early in the consolation bracket.  C pins him.  The very next round he faced Johnny Sanchez of Santa Ana, who was #1 ranked in the OC….and oh yeah, he’s beaten Hauser the last 4-5 times they’ve faced.  Tough draw!  Though C lost to him, he fought hard.

This meant he dropped into the “crying round.”  This is a four man bracket where the wrestlers fight it out for that last spot–9th place–to state.  It is dubbed the “crying round” because of the heartbreak involved for those who lose–they fight so hard back from the brink of defeat only to be sent home with one more loss.

In the first match of the bracket, C faced Subastian Chavez of Colony, who defeated him last week at CIF.  C nails him 11-5.  Then, in the 9th place match, he faced returning CIF champ Luis Ortiz of Magnolia.  There were a few controversial referree calls that did not go his way, and largely due to those calls, C found himself behind 6-3 in the third period.  At this point, he could have easily came apart or given up, but he kept his focus and kept scrappin.  He pulled a 5-point move out of his bag of tricks and pinned Ortiz to go to state.

I mean you shoulda seen the move…the kid was pinned in the air. 

Like I said, the weekend was filled with drama.

****In other news: we now have 9 wrestlers signed up for club (not counting outgoing seniors who are going to continue wrestling in their clubs in the spring).  This is over two times the amount we had 2 weeks ago.  Lets keep this going to see if we can get 15 or more signed up for club in the spring!

All three squads competed this weekend, with the varsity at the 64 team ASICS So-Cal. Challenge, while the JV and FS teams were at the San Clemente Rotary tournament.

The varsity placed 7th as a team, bringing home four individual medals: Victor Mendoza finished 7th, Juan Hernandez 3rd, Christian Hauser 4th, and Russell Fitzpatrick 2nd.  Russell’s performance earned him the “Tough Guy of the Week” award, not really because he finished runner-up, but because he’s such a competitor and a…well…tough guy.  He wrestled some stiff competition, and refused to be intimidated.  Russell’s got the eye, he’s got the fire in his belly.  He’s a COMPETITOR.


The JV and FS teams brought home four medals as well.  Zane Coley finished 3rd, Nico Lizardi 5th, Joey Ahmadzai 5th, and Donovan Wilhelm 5th.  Donovan’s performance also earned him “Tough Guy of the Week” status.  We are so pleased with this young man so far.  He’s got bumps and bruises, but goes out there each time and gives it his all.  Some back down when they aren’t 100%, but Donovan goes at it.  Before his match, he actually asked coach Morgan to slap him to get him pumped up.  That’s not really coach Morgan’s cup of tea, but Donovan went out there and wrestled like a monster anyway.  Like Russell, he’s a competitor.

The Courageous Cougar Award of the week goes out to Nico Lizardi.  This kid is simply consistent.  Each tournament he’s done well, and he’s one of the most dedicated freshmen on the team.  He wants it bad, and if he continues to work hard in the off season and pre season, he’ll be a staple in the Cougar varsity lineup in a year or two.

This week we dual Mission Viejo at home on Tuesday.  It is the seniors’ last home dual of their careers, so we hope everyone comes out to see them off.  This weekend, the Varsity is at Five Counties in Fountain Valley, and the JV is at Long Beach Poly on Saturday.

CV Wrestling was very busy this weekend, with all three squads competing in local competitions.

Seven freshmen competed in the Laguna Hills Freshmen tournament.  All seven had great fun and really put their hearts out there on the line.  Fellas, win or lose, we are proud that you got out there and gave it your all.  That’s all we can ask!  Nico Lizardi placed third at 120lbs.  Good job Nico!


The JV were “thrown into the fire” right off the bat, competing in a varsity tournament on Friday and Saturday at Corona Del Mar.  They took their lumps, but got good experience.  Keep your head high fellas.  Zane Coley garnered multiple wins for the squad, as did Donovan Wilhelm and Jose Sarabia.  Sarabia, stepping in at 152lbs, pinned three opponents on Saturday.  This was not only his first varsity competition ever, but his first competition period!  Jose, you’re a gamer.  Way to go.

Which brings me to: our Courageous Cougar of the week.  It goes to none other than Jose.  This is his first year of wrestling, and he’s got the eye.  He’ll be stepping up to take part in the advanced practices (doubling up on practicing) this week.  He refused to be intimidated: he just went out and got it done this week.  Keep up the good work Jose.

The varsity did quite well at the Cossarek Classic, placing 6th as a team out of 40 teams.  The Cougars took home 6 medals, doubling our total from last year at this tournament.  What’s more, we only had 12 wrestlers.  Had we taken one more wrestler, we would have taken home a team trophy, placing ahead of powerhouse programs Santa Ana and Edison.

Placing for the Cougars was: Mike Davis, 4th @106, Christian Hauser, 5th @120, Shane Johnston, 6th@ 132, Ryan Knecht, 7th @170, Russell Fitzpatrick, 3rd @182, and Victor Mendoza, 7th @ 220.

Two other wrestlers came within a hair’s length of placing: Kyle Coley and Geoff Mellor were both one match away, and both lost in overtime in the medal round.  You guys are *right there*!  Furthermore, Matt Dix refused to back down, winning 2 matches at 160.  What makes his performance so notable is that it was his first varsity outing (first varsity tournament for Davis and Mellor too), and he only wrestled in practice for a week and a half before this competition.  Last year he sat out due to a broken arm, so its been a while.  We are proud of that, Matt.

Davis and Mellor’s performance bears mention, simply because it shows how much you can improve with a year’s work of offseason training.  For these guys, there is no offseason: Davis wrestled well over 60 matches in spring, summer, and fall, where Mellor wrestled around 30.  The hard work both of these guys put in showed up this weekend.

Our “Tough Guy” of the week award goes to Davis and Knecht.  Both wrestled with a fire in their belly this weekend.  These guys are just scrappy.  Both pulled off wins against guys that they shouldn’t have beaten, at least on paper.  That should give them quite a bit of confidence going into the rest of the season.

Knechtville. A scary town.


NEVER pick a fight with a little guy that don't talk that much...don't ask me how I know.

Our “Most Aggressive” award goes to Fitzpatrick.  As far as aggressiveness points (we keep track via  a point system on how aggressive guys are in matches) goes, he easily outscored the rest of the team.  After losing his first match, he pinned his next SIX opponents.  This is another guy that wrestles with a fire in his belly.  He wants it bad this year.


Our first dual meet of the season is versus Irvine on Thursday.  Should be a barn burner: Capo and Irvine finished neck and neck in the team standings at the tournament, and the Vaqueros have several quality wrestlers on their team.

Two “pats on the back” are in order.  First, good job to all the fellas that competed at Summer League Finals: Russell Fitzpatrick, the bros. Coley (Zane and Kyle), and Ryan Tye.  All braved a very, ummm, un-well run tournament in order to better themselves.  Russell won first !  Russell, you’re a red-headed, flat-topped beast…emphasis on the beast.

Second, Shane Johnston is a wrestlin’ fool…I mean a wrestling fool.  He’s gone to so many camps I’ve lost count.  Recently he went to the CSUF camp, where he ran into a few awesome young men, one of which was NCAA champ Anthony Robles of Arizona St.  Check out the pic below:


For all who are wondering, yes, he has only one leg. He won an NCAA title on one leg.  Some people even have the audacity to call that an advantage!  I actually think the criticism is a compliment to Robles’ character: he took what is DEFINITELY a disadvantage and figured a way to make it work for him, so well that people now call it an advantage.  That’s the textbook definition of a “no obstacles” attitude.  BTW, he also won two prestigious ESPY awards this year.

Anyway, as I’ve said before, look out for these fellas in 2011-12.  They’re gonna be ready.

The good thing about being a coach for CVHS wrestling is that there are some awfully dedicated wrestlers coming up.  It has been a pleasure seeing these core guys get in extra work, work that will pay off come winter.

One of them is Shane Johnston.  This guy lllloves wrestling.  At spring tournaments, not only will he volunteer to referee, but he’ll wrestle in 2 or more divisions.  He never backs down from a mat challenge.  He likes to wrestle tough guys.  Last year he went to Camp of Champs, had a blast, and can’t wait to go back this year.  Right now he’s recovering from surgery but is looking forward to getting back on the mat at camp.  What’s more, he gets in club work almost every day of the week.  That’s amazing!  In fact, his whole family are always eager and energetic volunteers, and are thus a backbone of this program.  It’s great to have the Johnstons on board!


A second tuff guy is Russell Fitzpatrick.  Last night both he and Christian Hauser were the only guys to attend the San Clemente scrimmage with Bakersfield High School.  Russell made a promise to me that he’d go, and later that night when I texted him, he replied, “I always keep my promises, coach.”  Which reminded me–I made a promise to my wife that I’d put together that baby swing, so Russell’s words were the kick in the rear I needed to finally get going on that. 🙂

He’s been taking advantage of a lot of those kind of opportunities.  He is a pillar of this program, and he’s going to make some waves in 2012.   No wonder he was on the wrestling page in the yearbook four times!

Right now, we have about 9-10 guys in this boat.  Will you join them?

A few things here…

First, visit this website.  Tons of tasty recipes that are right in line with the nutrition principles we preach at Capo wrestling.  If you don’t know how to cook, kiddos, you need to learn.


Second, I gotta give a shout out to Russell Fitzpatrick and Matt Grovom.  Have you seen Russell wrestle lately?  Lovely.  On bottom, we teach a Peterson roll to a Granby Cradle, and what does Ruseell do at Laguna Hills?  Answer: a Peterson roll to  a Granby Cradle.  What’s more, he sticks the kid with it, which is unheard of.  On a shot, we teach getting the angle and grabbing the far ankle quickly, and what does Russell do last night Vs. San Clemente?  He does a nice sweep single and tenaciously gets to the far ankle.

What's with the crazy look, Russ?

And what about Matt?  He was sick last night, and he wrestled.  He’s a tough ‘lil buzzard.

Third, league finals is at San Clemente H.S.  Bus leaves Feb 5 at 7 am, meet starts 9:30 ish.  CIF is at Colony High School.  There will be no bus: parent and athletes will transport themselves.  We will leave Capo Thursday evening after practice for a Holiday Inn in Ontario.  Address: 2280 S. Haven Ave, Ontario, CA 91761.  Boosters have reserved 6 rooms for the wrestlers.  If you are a parent and would like to get a room, call 909-930-5555.

Fourth, I totally flaked–next week is finals week, which means we have a different practice schedule.  Sorry if the late notice brings any inconvenience, and I apologize for the scattered nature of the schedule (because of the block schedule and because we have a unique finals week schedule, practices are at different times).  In order to make it as easy as possible, there will be no split practice…it’s all levels.   Here it is:

Mon: 3-5

Tues 1-3

Wed 2-4

Thurs 2-4

Fri 11-1

Fifth, after this week, we are officially in our post season.  That means yet *another* change to the practice schedule.  If you are on a lower level squad and want to go out for a spring sport, you will be released after league finals.  You can transfer into that sport if you choose.  For everyone else, there will still be practice.   We will keep some lower level guys in the room to help out the CIF qualifiers, while the others will hit the weightroom or play ultimate frisbee outside.  At any rate, no matter which group you are in (group in the room or outside), here is the schedule (all levels):

Mon: 2:05 until approx 3:35

Tues 1-3

Wed 3- until approx 5

Thurs 1-3

Fri 3 until approx 5

*approx=practice could get out 10 min or so earlier, or 10 min or so later.

Friday Feb 18 there is no school and the varsity is at CIF, so there will be no practice on that day.

After CIF, we will take stock of who has qualified for Master’s and go from there.  Expect another announcement at that time….this is just the way the post season goes.

After everyone is eliminated, here will be the practice schedule for the remainder of spring semester:

Mon: 2:05-3:30

Tues 1-3:30

Thurs 1-3:30

We will lift weights the first part of 6th period, and will wrestle until about 45 min after 6th period.  Nothing on Wed/Fri.  In order to wrestle after school, you need to purchase an SCWAY membership card.  This card insures you for practice and it gets you into spring tournaments (though each tournament also costs $12).  The cost for this card is extremely cheap: less than $20!  That is a LOT cheaper than a USA wrestling card.  This is *mandatory* for each wrestler…it is a non-negotiable.  More info to come on how to pay for the card and more to come on spring tournaments.

NOTE 2: John Badger will go to Downey at 145, Eddie Garcia will be at 152 instead.  Monroy will go to LCC at 112, and Viallalobos will go to South Hills at 112.

NOTE: This Wednesday, the VARSITY ONLY will have the day off.  All other wrestlers will have practice from 3-4pm.

The varsity did an *excellent* job at the Laguna Hills Invitational by placing second in the whole tournament!  Good job guys!  Quite a few young men medaled: Christian Hauser finished first, Shane Johnston third, Matt Grovom second, Russell Fitzpatrick first, Juan Hernandez second, and Victor Mendoza third.  In addition, Russell was named the Most Outstanding Upper Weight Wrestler of the tournament.  Great job Russell!

Where to go from here?  Though this week’s performance was encouraging, we still have things we need to improve upon, and the post-season is right around the corner.  Let’s be sure we don’t rest on our laurels.  In particular, Monday, Thursday, and Friday this week we will be working on our offense.  Come ready with the right attitude to work on your weaknesses so you can peak at the right time.

Tuesday is our last dual of the season, vs. San Clemente at home.  Saturday, the JV “A” team will be at the South Hills tournament, while some of the F/S  “A” team will be at the La Costa Canyon tournament (we are only able to send Freshmen).  We will also be sending some wrestlers to the Downey JV tournament (notably, those on the F/S team not able to go to LCC).  The lineup is as follows (all weight allowances +2 until further notice):

San Clemente:

Varsity: same, with 152 pending

103: Z.Coley, M. Davis

112: Monroy, Villalobos

119: Adam, Merrill

125: Mellor, C.Davis

130: open, Bustamante

135: Byrne (pending), Harper

140: Acuna, Salinas

145: Hou, Badger

152: E. Garcia, Lanham

160: Knecht, open

171: Farnoudi, open

189: Open, open

215: open, open

HWT: open, open

Lineup for La Costa Canyon:









Salinas (145)

J.Mendoza (152)

Lineup for South Hills





Byrne (?)






Lineup for Downey




E.Garcia (145)




*E. Sanchez

NOTE: wrestlers with a *by their name will travel with the team to Downey, but are NOT garaunteed entry.  We are going to try to get you in but the tournament director cannot make any promises.  For those wrestlers with a *by their name ONLY, if you do not get in you will be released early to be taken home by a parent if you wish.  For all other wrestlers, you must stay the whole time…no leaving early.  This goes for wrestlers at the other tournaments too…support your team!