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A big congrats to three Capo wrestlers for competing in some *tough* tournaments over the weekend.  Zane Coley competed in the USA wrestling F/Soph state tournament, going 2 and 2 at 103 lbs, while Christian Hauser and Juan Hernandez both placed third at the SCWAY F/Soph/Jr. state tournament. 

This is what it’s all about guys…seeking out tough competition in the spring and summer.  This will pay off come winter time.  Keep up the good work.

Christian and Juan displaying their hardware

SCWAY Schedule

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Here are the details about the SCWAY Southern California Spring Schedule (was just emailed to me this morning):

*Wrestlers must purchase SCWAY card on-line at for $17 or cards will be available at the tournament sites for $20.

*Weigh-Ins will be 7am til 8:30am with wrestling starting at 9:30am

*There will be a Frosh-Soph Folkstyle Bracket (pooled weights in 8 or 16 man brackets when available) and a High School Varsity Bracket. There will also be a mat for “Free” freestyle and Greco-Roman exhibition matches whenever possible. Cost $10 for first weight class and $5 for second weight class.

March 19 El Dorado High School (Placentia)

March 26 Newport Harbor High School–come for the tourney, stay for the beach!

April 2 East LA City College (come help the college program out)

April 9 Norwalk High School

April 16 Capo Valley High School**** (all hands on deck here.  You are either competing this weekend or helping out.  Mandatory)

April 23 South Hills High School

April 30 Downey High School

May 7 Western High School

May 14 Aliso Niguel High School

May 21 Northview High School

May 28 Loara High School

***As previously posted and discussed, the coaching staff will “sponsor” five of these tournaments.  What that means is a) all coaches will be in attendance at these five tourneys, and b) everyone is expected to wrestle in them, unless in a spring sport or prior *major* unavoidable conflict (birthday parties, beach day, “lots of homework”, for example=not a valid excuse.  College entrance exam, etc=weeeeelll….ok 🙂 ).  Wrestlers are encouraged to and may wrestle in the other tournaments, but these five are big ones.  Which ones of the dates above are part of that five is TBD.  We will get that info out as soon as possible.

*AND: remember–to get on the poster for next year, you must wrestle at least 50 matches over the spring and summer.  That means wrestling lots more than just those five tournaments.  You are highly encouraged to go to El Dorado this weekend.

Ben Sheppard

We’ve been talking about the importance of off season wrestling abundantly throughout the year….well…here is your first chance to listen to that call.

On March 12 and 13, Lemoore High School will be hosting the SCWAY F/S/Jr State tournament.  This is a great competition for you guys to wrestle in.  Why?  Because you will only be wrestling guys in *your* school year.  For example, freshmen wrestle freshmen, sophomores wrestle sophomores, etc.

Yes, it is far away, but those that place qualify themselves for a summer wrestling trip through SCWAY.  In case you haven’t heard, these trips are *ultra* cheap, and you get a great experience…you get to travel to other states to wrestle, you bond with other wrestlers from CA, and you get to compete and practice with wrestlers from these other states…all for pennies.

More details about the tournament can be found here:  SCWAY FR-SO-JR State.

To register, go to  Go to the third page (click “next 50” twice) and select “SCWAY Frosh/Soph/Junior State.”  Follow the process.  For now, since I haven’t taken $$ for your SCWAY cards, simply register under “no club” or register under your outside Capo club team (Rat Pack, Reign, etc).  If you plan on going, register quickly…it is limited to the first 40 per weight per class that sign up, and there’s been lots of sign up activity already.

I know, I know, it’s at Lemoore…but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be sending 8 or 9 guys to this tournament.  You all have told me you want to improve on this year’s performance…here’s a good way to put your money where your mouth is.