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One of the awards we give out during the year is the “Courageous Cougar” award.  This award is given out weekly or bi-weekly to a non-varsity wrestler who is working hard, showing up with a great attitude, and contributing a lot to the team.  We emphasize that it is specifically for a non-varsity wrestler, as the varsity wrestlers typically get the lion’s share of the public attention.

We have this award so that the non-varsity guys get a sense of accomplishment too and know that they are contributing to the team.

Our first Courageous Cougar award went out this week to Kian Badie.  Kian is a jr in our program and really shows up to work every day.  He runs hard, lifts hard, wrestles hard, and has a great attitude in practice.  Keep it up, Kian!


In other news, we had our first scrimmage of the season this Saturday.  Had 25 Capo wrestlers in attendance, plus 20 wrestlers from three other schools.  A great afternoon of hard wrestling and fun.

Here’s some footage of the recent tryout for the wrestling team.  Fall sports guys try out Nov 28!  If you are in a fall sport, transfer over as soon as you are released…don’t wait until Nov 28, because you need to train!