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Here are two more interviews, this time of sophomores Brandon Hernandez and Lewis O’mara.  Brandon is one of our underclassmen team captains:


Michael is a sophomore in our program, and was one of the hardest workers in the room over the summer.  We were able to interview him recently during open mat:


Yes….to master Kung Fu, the training  must be severe….and this really ain’t severe.  Step it up, guys.

Nothin strenuous here fellas.  There will be a quiz on the John Wooden Pyramid of Success (below) on Oct 31.  You have a little under a month to study for it.


Easy as pie…memorize the 12 lessons on leadership below the pyramid, then memorize one block per level (and the explanation of it).  Lastly, be able to write a paragraph (7-12 sentences) on some of those you memorized, explaining why they are relevant, on and off the mat.  You do that, you pass with flying colors.  You do that without being cliche and cheezy, and you show some depth, and you are a John Wooden Jedi.


Let’s not make this a stresser.  I know some of you are applying to colleges, wrestling with the SAT, etc, so don’t freak out.  The key here is redeeming time that you already have but you waste.  So, for example, some of you get to school 20 minutes early, and you sit down in a corner and listen to your headphones.  Why not take just FIVE of those minutes per day and study the pyramid?  Or, stop shufflin your feet in the hallway, get to class one minute earlier, and use that time to study the pyramid?  Rather than trolling on Facebook at night (which I KNOW most of you do), take FIVE of those minutes and look over the pyramid?  See?  Easy.  Five minutes a day.


A few things.  As I hope you can already see, I want you to learn how to manage your time.  There are several pockets of wasted time you guys have per day…use it to shape your destiny in a positive way, instead of zoning out.

Secondly and similarly, there are a thousand and one intangibles that make a champion on and off the mat. These things are usually caught than taught, but there will be no “caught” without some sort of “taught.”  Your parents are teaching you these lessons at home, and a little reinforcement is always good.  Remember: technique is important, but the difference between you being a CIF champ one day and you not even making it out of league won’t boil down to how well you can execute a single leg, but will boil down to all those intangibles that you’ve had drilled into your being day after day.

You say you know what it takes to be a champion.  Well, DO YOU?  If yes, then you’ll see the relevance of what you are being asked to do.  Wooden, though he was a basketball coach (we can forgive him), was a genius.  Read his books….all of them.  Sit at his feet and learn.

Check out the following awesome, awesome video using stock footage from as far back as the 70’s.  If this video doesn’t pump you up and get you all emotional about our great sport, you’re comatose!

Here’s a challenge for you: post to comments the names of all the wrestlers you recognize.  Bonus points if you can identify the match the footage comes from.  Whoever gets the most correct gets a burger on me.  I’ll post the answers (there are a few that I don’t know, however) Sunday or Monday.

A few announcements:

*remember: bar-b-que at the Bordner’s place this Sunday.  Lets start it at 2 instead of 1:30 (we’ll be heading back from church at around 1, and need a little time to set up).  You just bring yourselves…don’t worry about bringing any food.   Parents, you’ll have a chance to meet my daughter!

*Guys: you all need to get to summer league.  Our representation has been increidbly small there: only one has shown up each time.  Some of you continue to tell me you’ll show but haven’t followed through.  At this point, only two guys have made our promo poster.

*Speaking of the poster.  Remember the original criteria–50 matches wrestled in spring and summer.  Summer league matches count, all you need to do is record them on the sheets I hand you guys often.  In addition, I will give 20 points (so you’d have 30 left to earn to get on the poster) for an intensive camp like Eternal Warrior, and 10 points for camps outside of the Capo camp and COC (I cannot give extra points for those two camps, because you already get chances for many matches and hence points in those two camps).  Any spring/summer matches wrestled in club count as well.  If you wrestled weekly at Valdez, Rat Pack, or Reign=10 points (in this case, you need to get verification from the instructor of those clubs.  A signed note saying how often you attended or a phone call/email will do.  Just showing up a few times a month will not earn you any points).  I’ll give double points for major competitions, such as: f/s state, scway f/s/jr state, association duals, and CA state games (I think this comp has not taken place yet).  Bottom line: I want to reward those who go the extra mile.  REMEMBER: you must *verify.*  Just saying, “uhh, I think I wrestled 3 or 4 last night at summer league” will not cut it, so don’t try that.  I’ve given you a method to verify and earn credit, and you need to make use of that.

*Another reminder: the Crossfit Games are July 29-31 at the Home Depot Center.  We are gathering a group to go.  Very motivational.  The stuff you’ll see these folks do will boggle your mind.  For those wondering, our strength and conditioning program is patterned after the CF philosophy, so by going to this event not only will you see some incredible feats of athleticism, but you’ll see the kind of fitness our strength program aims to produce.  You can get your tickets by going here.  Even if you can only go one day, it’ll be worth it!

US Open Highlights

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The Freestyle/Greco-Roman U.S Open happened recently.  Some great wrestling going on.  Check out the highlights (those of you training for freestyle should check it out especially).

Getting in offseason matches was one of the methods Lehigh's John Trenge used to improve his wrestling. He ended up becoming a 3x D1 All-American.

A grand total of thirteen Capo wrestlers competed this weekend in various competitions, and last week, three competed. Doing that consistently will be one of the big keys to both your success as an individual wrestler, and our success as a team.

Last week, Kyle Coley, Zane Coley, and Jason Garcia (who just joined us three weeks ago…and he’s already gettin after it!) wrestled at El Dorado, and this weekend, twelve wrestled at Newport Harbor, while Christian Hauser got some freestyle experience at Esperanza in preparation for Freestyle State.

Juan Hernandez finished first in his division, defeating a state qualifier and pinning a master’s qualifier in the process. Shane Johnston, and Jon Badger placed first, Ruseel Fitzpatrick, Geoff Mellor, Max Adam placed second, and Michael Logan and Emanuel Villalobos placed third. Also competing this weekend were Jobe Bustamante, Ryan Jeffrey, Jason Garcia, and Ben Sheppard.

The competition this weekend was very encouraging, for I saw improvement from everyone, no matter if they won or lost. That’s the ticket–taking baby steps consistently.

This weekend there is an SCWAY tournament at East LA City College. Though it is not a whole team event, you are encouraged to go. Remember: 50 matches gets you a spot on the promo poster!

*Check out highlights of the Penn St.–Iowa dual.  #8 Iowa upset #1 Penn St. at Penn St.  Also check out the crowd before the dual.  Some are already calling it the “dual of the decade.”  Probably overshooting things a bit, but still, it was electric.  Notice how hard these guys wrestled, and how hard nosed the Iowa guys were.  It’s wrestling like that that’ll bring fans into the gym…when you get after it on the mat, score like a machine, and don’t let up, that’s exciting.

Juan Hernandez

Here is the lineup for league finals.  Remember, bus leaves at 7am, meet starts at 9:30 ish.  +2 allowance:

103: Herrera, Coley, Davis

112: Hauser, Monroy, Villalobos

119: Coley, Adam, Merrill

125: Johnston, Mellor, C.Davis

130: Logan, open, Bustamante

135: Grovom, Byrne (?), Harper

140: Ramirez, Acuna, Aragon

145: Goddard, Hou, E.Sanchez

152: Beller, E. Garcia, Lanham

160: Knecht, Tye, open

171: Fitpatrick, Farnoudi, open

189: Hernandez, open, open

215: Mendoza, open, open

HWT: Uribe, open, open