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Getting in offseason matches was one of the methods Lehigh's John Trenge used to improve his wrestling. He ended up becoming a 3x D1 All-American.

A grand total of thirteen Capo wrestlers competed this weekend in various competitions, and last week, three competed. Doing that consistently will be one of the big keys to both your success as an individual wrestler, and our success as a team.

Last week, Kyle Coley, Zane Coley, and Jason Garcia (who just joined us three weeks ago…and he’s already gettin after it!) wrestled at El Dorado, and this weekend, twelve wrestled at Newport Harbor, while Christian Hauser got some freestyle experience at Esperanza in preparation for Freestyle State.

Juan Hernandez finished first in his division, defeating a state qualifier and pinning a master’s qualifier in the process. Shane Johnston, and Jon Badger placed first, Ruseel Fitzpatrick, Geoff Mellor, Max Adam placed second, and Michael Logan and Emanuel Villalobos placed third. Also competing this weekend were Jobe Bustamante, Ryan Jeffrey, Jason Garcia, and Ben Sheppard.

The competition this weekend was very encouraging, for I saw improvement from everyone, no matter if they won or lost. That’s the ticket–taking baby steps consistently.

This weekend there is an SCWAY tournament at East LA City College. Though it is not a whole team event, you are encouraged to go. Remember: 50 matches gets you a spot on the promo poster!

Ben Sheppard

We’ve been talking about the importance of off season wrestling abundantly throughout the year….well…here is your first chance to listen to that call.

On March 12 and 13, Lemoore High School will be hosting the SCWAY F/S/Jr State tournament.  This is a great competition for you guys to wrestle in.  Why?  Because you will only be wrestling guys in *your* school year.  For example, freshmen wrestle freshmen, sophomores wrestle sophomores, etc.

Yes, it is far away, but those that place qualify themselves for a summer wrestling trip through SCWAY.  In case you haven’t heard, these trips are *ultra* cheap, and you get a great experience…you get to travel to other states to wrestle, you bond with other wrestlers from CA, and you get to compete and practice with wrestlers from these other states…all for pennies.

More details about the tournament can be found here:  SCWAY FR-SO-JR State.

To register, go to  Go to the third page (click “next 50” twice) and select “SCWAY Frosh/Soph/Junior State.”  Follow the process.  For now, since I haven’t taken $$ for your SCWAY cards, simply register under “no club” or register under your outside Capo club team (Rat Pack, Reign, etc).  If you plan on going, register quickly…it is limited to the first 40 per weight per class that sign up, and there’s been lots of sign up activity already.

I know, I know, it’s at Lemoore…but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be sending 8 or 9 guys to this tournament.  You all have told me you want to improve on this year’s performance…here’s a good way to put your money where your mouth is.