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Last week, the JV competed at the Sonora Duals.  Taylor Barrett went 3-1 at that competition, earning him “Courageous Cougar” honors for the week.  Likewise, Ian Brault, a freshman, was bumped up to varsity to compete in the Laguna  Hills tournament.  Though he did not place, he was a gamer and was willing to swim with the sharks at a varsity level tournament.  That willingness earned him “Tough Guy of the Week” honors.  Facing a tough situation and going out there anyway: that’s the attitude we like on this team.  I bet he had a prodigious amount of fear, but he saddled up anyway.  Taylor and Ian, we are proud of you.













Last night was a tough one against San Clemente.  The dual meet was tight and hard fought.  Andrew Peel and Donovan Wilhelm earned victories on the JV, while Christian Hauser, Kyle Coley, Phillip O’shea, Russell Fitzpatrick, Juan Hernandez, and Victor Mendoza earned wins on the varsity.

NOTE: There will be no weightlifting or wrestling on Tuesday, May 17.  Everyone will be taking the STAR test.  We will go Mon and Thurs until 3:30 this week.

NOTE 2: This Saturday, 941 S. Idaho La Habra CA 90631, 11am.  Help coach and his (very) pregnant wife move.

Check out the video below (a Vs. commercial).  If it doesn’t pump you up, check your pulse:

Good job to those who competed this weekend.  Kyle Coley got a huge win over Trevor Henderson of Mission Viejo.  Taylor Barrett placed second.  Jobe made it to the finals, and he did it without shoes!  That guy…

Once killed a Honey Badger with his bare hands....Taylor Barrett don' care.