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Last week, the JV competed at the Sonora Duals.  Taylor Barrett went 3-1 at that competition, earning him “Courageous Cougar” honors for the week.  Likewise, Ian Brault, a freshman, was bumped up to varsity to compete in the Laguna  Hills tournament.  Though he did not place, he was a gamer and was willing to swim with the sharks at a varsity level tournament.  That willingness earned him “Tough Guy of the Week” honors.  Facing a tough situation and going out there anyway: that’s the attitude we like on this team.  I bet he had a prodigious amount of fear, but he saddled up anyway.  Taylor and Ian, we are proud of you.













Last night was a tough one against San Clemente.  The dual meet was tight and hard fought.  Andrew Peel and Donovan Wilhelm earned victories on the JV, while Christian Hauser, Kyle Coley, Phillip O’shea, Russell Fitzpatrick, Juan Hernandez, and Victor Mendoza earned wins on the varsity.

All three squads competed this weekend, with the varsity at the 64 team ASICS So-Cal. Challenge, while the JV and FS teams were at the San Clemente Rotary tournament.

The varsity placed 7th as a team, bringing home four individual medals: Victor Mendoza finished 7th, Juan Hernandez 3rd, Christian Hauser 4th, and Russell Fitzpatrick 2nd.  Russell’s performance earned him the “Tough Guy of the Week” award, not really because he finished runner-up, but because he’s such a competitor and a…well…tough guy.  He wrestled some stiff competition, and refused to be intimidated.  Russell’s got the eye, he’s got the fire in his belly.  He’s a COMPETITOR.


The JV and FS teams brought home four medals as well.  Zane Coley finished 3rd, Nico Lizardi 5th, Joey Ahmadzai 5th, and Donovan Wilhelm 5th.  Donovan’s performance also earned him “Tough Guy of the Week” status.  We are so pleased with this young man so far.  He’s got bumps and bruises, but goes out there each time and gives it his all.  Some back down when they aren’t 100%, but Donovan goes at it.  Before his match, he actually asked coach Morgan to slap him to get him pumped up.  That’s not really coach Morgan’s cup of tea, but Donovan went out there and wrestled like a monster anyway.  Like Russell, he’s a competitor.

The Courageous Cougar Award of the week goes out to Nico Lizardi.  This kid is simply consistent.  Each tournament he’s done well, and he’s one of the most dedicated freshmen on the team.  He wants it bad, and if he continues to work hard in the off season and pre season, he’ll be a staple in the Cougar varsity lineup in a year or two.

This week we dual Mission Viejo at home on Tuesday.  It is the seniors’ last home dual of their careers, so we hope everyone comes out to see them off.  This weekend, the Varsity is at Five Counties in Fountain Valley, and the JV is at Long Beach Poly on Saturday.

CV Wrestling had a bit of a treat yesterday: Capo has had one state champion over the years–Mike Phillips.  Not only did he win state once, but he managed to do it twice back in the late 80’s!  He stopped by to work with the guys and give them some perspective and words of encouragement.  Not only was he a stud wrestler, but he has a first rate intellect as well: he is a phd and works in the biochemistry field.   What’s more, he has a lab in Spain…that’s far out (literally!).  We REALLY appreciate the visit, Mike, and hope to see you around next year.

Kyle Coley is our “tough guy of the week.”  He gutted out an overtime victory over a tough county ranked Laguna Hills wrestler on Tuesday.  He responded to a bit of adversity by turning up the heat on his opponent and getting the job done.  That’s the way to respond: rather than shutting down or responding negatively to adversity, he nailed it.  Good job, Kyle!