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The varsity competed at the 50 team So Cal Challenge on Jan 3-4.  Mike Davis placed seventh, while Phillip O’shea finished in second:

Mike Davis

Mike Davis


Phillip O'shea

Phillip O’shea


While Phillip dropped a tough 3-1 decision in the finals, this is not the last time he’ll face the Woodbridge wrestler.  He will have a chance for revenge, and knowing Phillip, this will focus him and he’ll come back firing on all 8 cylinders.

Geoff Mellor and Corey Shackelford both performed well too, making it to the “blood round” before dropping.  Along the way, Geoff defeated the ultimate 3rd place finisher from Trabuco Hills.

A few jv wrestlers got some good experience.  Even in the losses, we are seeing improvement and guys are taking steps forward.

We are back in action tonight vs Laguna Hills, #2 in Orange County.  Phillip has the chance to edge closer to Mike Phillips’ career pin record, which has stood since 1988.  Saturday a select squad of varsity wrestlers will compete at Esperanza, while the jv and fs teams are at the San Clemente Rotary tournament.

Michael is a sophomore in our program, and was one of the hardest workers in the room over the summer.  We were able to interview him recently during open mat:


Many individuals have been hitting the mats and the weightroom in the summer.  The summer is, for the most part, wrapped up.  Here is a rundown of our training:

*Summer league: Wrestlers like Corey Shackleford and Michael Youssef scrimmaged with other South County Wrestlers on Tuesday and Thursday nights in June and July.  Corey wrestled an astounding 71 matches during the four week summer league, while Michael–who attended every session–wrestled 39 matches.

*Summer league finals: Corey and Ian Brault wrestled against So. Cal’s best at the Summer league finals tournament at El Dorado on July 20.  Some of the top wrestlers from San Diego, OC, La County, and even from Idaho showed up to compete.  It was an intense tournament and both gentlemen got good experience.

*Capo Camp: July 15-25, over 25 wrestlers from Capo attended the camp.  The team received great instruction from three stellar clinicians:

First, Dane Valdez–CA state champion and University of Oklahoma All-American–taught some escapes as counters to various top moves.

Valdez sharing his knowledge with the group.

Valdez sharing his knowledge with the group.



Next, Nate Morgan–3x CA state champion from Bakersfield HS and 3x All-American from Oklahoma State University–taught OSU’s low single series, as well as some tricks from a cradle.

Nate, sharing a story about the hard work him and his teammate, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Jake Varner, put in while they were in high school.    Looks like those 3 hr Sat morning practices paid off!

Nate, sharing a story about the hard work him and his teammate, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Jake Varner, put in while they were in high school. Looks like those 3 hr Sat morning practices paid off!


Lastly, CA Wrestling Hall of Famer and former Capo teacher and coach Bob Janko pumped the kids up and showed some great moves from neutral.


All three clinicians were able to share some psychological perspective with the team, in addition to the moves they showed.  The second week circumstances changed and the team didn’t have any clinicians come in, but they still got some good training in and had fun at the same time.  The whole time we had some great help from alums Juan Hernandez and Jamey Goddard, as well as new staff coach George Mestakides.  The energy was high and everyone had a great time.


*Camp of Champs, June 24-27: Brandon, Geoff, Kian, Max, and Matt attended this camp in San Diego.  Not only did they receive instruction from 2008 Olympian Andy Hrovat and 2x NCAA champion (and current U. of Wyoming assistant coach) Chris Pendleton, but they wrestled 20 matches against teams from 5 different states: CA, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada.

Max, Geoff, Matt, Brandon, and Kian, with 2008 Olympian Andy Hrovat.

Max, Geoff, Matt, Brandon, and Kian, with 2008 Olympian Andy Hrovat.

Here is a video of Geoff, on his birthday, being used by Pendleton to demonstrate some principles.  Pendleton was trying to demonstrate the importance of movement and faking in the neutral position through an “ankle tag” contest.  The goal was simply to tag the partner’s ankles.  Pendleton–and remember, he’s a 2x NCAA champion and is currently #2 in the senior freestyle rankings–kinda “burns” Geoff a little in the middle of the video, but not before Geoff tags Pendleton’s ankle first!  He gets the hang of it after a bit and also tags a counselor’s ankles too, who wrestles at D1 Cal Poly SLO.  Happy birthday Geoff!  Luv ya buddy.  🙂

Everyone got a lot of good matches in and learned a lot about pushing through tough times.


*Ken Chertow’s camp, July 6-10: Calvin and Noah S. attended this camp in Ontario.  These guys fought like warriors for 5 days through a very tough camp (Ken Chertow was a 1988 Olympian).

Calvin and Noah S, pictured with a few of the Big Kat wrestlers, along with 4x All-American and 3x D1 NCAA finalist Gerry Abas.

Calvin and Noah S, pictured with a few of the Big Kat wrestlers, along with 4x All-American and 3x D1 NCAA finalist Gerry Abas.

*Currently, Mike Davis and Joey Ahmadzai are at Mark Munoz’s camp in San Diego.  Davis is attending the 10 day intensive camp, while Joey is attending the 5 day technique and intensive camp.


At Capo, we have a points system that measures the amount of off-season work a wrestler does.  It is simply an objective–rather than subjective–way to measure and gauge the amount of work a wrestler gets.  In order to wrestle in the upcoming season, a wrestler needs to obtain 30 points (which isn’t too hard and can be done in a few days, actually), and those who get over 80 earn a spot on our promotional poster for the season.  The benefit of it is that it measures mat time *objectively,* no guess work needed when considering how hard a wrestler has worked.  We have 14 who have earned their way onto the poster.  Last year we had 11.  The top points from last year was 191.  This year it is 335, set by Corey.  So we are moving forward.


The work these guys put in during the summer will pay off in the winter.  Like the title says, “they got better.”


We had a great turnout this past weekend at the San Clemente scrimmage. Most of the team showed up and got in at least 6 matches each with Jonny Gutierrez and Mike Logan tapping out at 13!! Way to go guys.


Schools from all over SoCal participated and it was great exposure for the team. Check out all the hard-core wrestlers out there.


…Evidently, yes!

Capo rolled over Irvine Thursday night, by a score of 40-17.

On the JV team, Donovan Wilhelm was a standout.  Both him and Edgar Monroy secured pins for the Cougars on the JV squad.  This, combined with his performance at CDM duals and his overall great attitude and work ethic has earned Donovan the “Courageous Cougar” of the week award.  Way to go Donovan!

Donovan Wilhelm. In his short time at Capo wrestling, he has already made an impact.

The varsity dual started out at 106, where sophomore Michael Davis faced a tough Nam Tran from Irvine, who is ranked #2 in the county.  Though he fell short of victory, Mike wrestled tough, holding the Vaquero senior to a major decision.

Zane Coley likewise wrestled tough, dropping a close decision at 113.  This was his first foray into the varsity lineup this year, and we are proud of his scrappiness last night.

Christian Hauser was the first to get CV on the scoreboard, scoring a fall at 120lbs.  Kyle Coley gave senior Joe Mercuri all he could handle, dropping a decision at 126.  This made the score 11 to 6 in favor of Irvine going into the 132 match.

Shane Johnston scored a major decision win at 132, and Geoff Mellor and Michael Logan followed with wins of their own at 138 and 145 respectively.  Ryan Tye and Ryan Knecht both dropped one point nail biters at 152 and 160, but Phillip O’shea got the Cougars rolling again, scoring a pin in 23 seconds at 170.  His is the fastest fall on the year.

Russell Fitzpatrick scored a 12-0 major decision at 182.  After Juan Hernandez received a forfeit at 195, Victor Mendoza, wrestling on a sprained ankle, proved that an old dog can, indeed, learn new tricks, securing a major decision via a tilt at 220lbs.  Not to be outdone, senior Jericho Uribe wrestled in perhaps the most entertaining match of the night, defeating a crowd favorite Irvine wrestler by two points.


Up next for CV is the Edison Beach Bash today and Saturday.  The F/S team is likewise going to compete on Saturday, at the Santa Ana tournament.

Stephen Perez is this week’s Courageous Cougar.  The report from the wrestling room is that this guy is working incredibly hard and is a great presence in the room.  He always gives his all and is a vocal encouraging voice.  Stephen: keep up the good work. 


Here’s some footage of the recent tryout for the wrestling team.  Fall sports guys try out Nov 28!  If you are in a fall sport, transfer over as soon as you are released…don’t wait until Nov 28, because you need to train!