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I believe a few shoutouts are in order for various Capo wrestlers.

First, Zane Coley recently received the Max Epstein award at the Rat Pack awards banquet.  The award is for being a four year Rat Pack wrestler.

For those that are wondering, Rat Pack is one of the premier wrestling clubs in south Orange County.  Coached by former Santa Ana all-state wrestler Fernando Serratos, it has helped out a great many Capo wrestlers improve their skills and character.  Ask any Capo wrestler who has been involved in Rat Pack and they’ll tell you the same.  Zane has become a much better wrestler than he otherwise would have been by belonging to the club these last four years.  You younguns oughta take stock of his example and follow in his footsteps.

Next, we had quite a few guys attend some weekend wrestling clinics outside of Capo: Justin Dao, David Bahena, Noah Kiessling, Ryan Anderson, Jeffrey Gelbmann, Aaron Little and Matt Gillings all attended Dane Valdez’s “advanced tie up and set ups” clinic, while Nico Lizardi and Corey Shackelford attended the “Tough on Top” clinic, featuring OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST Jake Varner.  These guys were exposed to some first rate technique instruction, and you bet they came away from it improved.  Like I said, Varner is an Olympic Gold Medalist, while Valdez was an all-american at University of Oklahoma, and he runs another first-rate club for the area.

Nico and Corey pictured with Varner

Lastly, Logan Farrand and Lewis O’mara are our first two “Courageous Cougars” of the season.  The CC award is given every week or so to a non-starter who is really working hard and showing character.  The varsity guys get most of the spotlight, so this is specifically for the non-starters so that they can feel a part of this team.  Both wrestlers are freshmen and have the heart of a lion.  Even when they are taking their lumps with the varsity guys, they keep coming back for more, and they never seek easy opponents…they are always looking to wrestle guys better than them.  Due to that and more, give these guys time: they will be tearin it up in a few years!

Lewis O’mara

Logan Farrand

Good times for Capo Wrestling!

Congratulations to the following Cougar wrestlers for being our scholar athletes (from the left in the picture):

Ian Brault, Justin Dao, Mike Davis, Jake Peets, Ryan Merrill, Zane Coley, Mike Logan


These guys have a 3.5 cumulative GPA or above…good job guys!

We had our “Big Kat” wrestling tournament this past Saturday, and I’m pleased to say that a good time was had by all.  It was awesome to see the Capo wrestling community come together like that to put on the show.  Good competition and fun times, can’t beat it.  A HUGE thanks goes out to all who chipped in to help; it takes a *lot* of hands to put on a show like that, so your help is, as always, much appreciated.  We received several compliments on the day, so credit goes out to each one of you.

It was also good to see the alums out!  For example, Spencer Charles, 2010 league champion for Capo, as well as Marlon Lopez, 2010 alum, laced up the shoes again and showed the crowd that they still “have it.”  Many of the seniors, like Shane Johnston, Kyle Coley, and Christian Hauser, likewise jumped in the ring.  There was even a “grudge match” between the bros. Coley!  While big brother Kyle ended up on top eventually, the victory didn’t come without a battle; Zane sure did give Kyle all he could handle, and at one point almost had the big bro pinned!  Zane is crafty like that, Kyle, gotta watch out. 🙂  All in all, looks like Zane gained some respect from big brother.

This one was bigger than Taylor vs. Dake…

Jake Peets won first place in his division.  Good job, Jake!  You are starting to come around…don’t stop now and rest on your laurels!

Jake P.

There are quite a few younguns’ that are working very hard in the offseason to improve their skills.  They are up and comers, and its only a matter of time before they make their mark.  Each one of these guys deserves a pat on the back.

First, Aaron Geria has been consistently coming to our evening practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He’s got the eye.  He’s been learning lots of new technique there and has been applying them in live, scrimmages, and tournaments.

Aaron G.

Second, Landon Hume has recently showed much promise.  He has the physical build that makes for a good wrestler.  Just give him time.  He looked good during our tournament.  Good on ya, buddy!

Third, Ian continues to make his presence felt in pretty much every good way.  He gets in a ton of matches just about every weekend, wrestles in two clubs, consistently works hard in practice, and is a GREAT helping hand.  He was one of the many who helped out at every step along the way last week: at Newhart, for open house, set up Friday, and all day Saturday.  He didnt’ stop until the job was done!  The whole Brault family has been such a big help.

Ian roughin' a poor kid up

This weekend was quite a weekend for CV wrestling.  The Varsity placed first at the Edison Beach Bash, while the F/S team came home with four medals from the Santa Ana F/S tourney.  This is the first time in many years we’ve won a varsity tourney, and the four medals of the F/S team is the most medals the F/S team has brought home from the Santa Ana tournament in the last three years.


This is a sign of the times for CV wrestling. At the end of a long day at Edison, the whole team came down from the stands to cheer Jericho on in his last match. This is TEAMWORK! Keep up the good work guys.


The Cougars had eight medalists at Edison, and scored over 25 falls.  Zane Coley finished sixth at 113.  This was his first competition at 113 lbs, and it was a task for him to make weight.  He got the job done, though, for two days in a row, and fought with grit in addition.  All this earned him the lower weight “Tough Guy of the Week” award.  Good job, Zane!


We are proud of the tenacity Zane displayed this weekend in both making weight and wrestling tough.


Christian Hauser looked awfully tough at 120 lbs, placing second.  His 104 off season matches is showing positive fruit.  Kyle Coley placed fourth at 126, avenging a loss from the previous week.  Shane Johnston placed third at 132, coming from behind in a few matches to take the victories.  Newcomer Phillip O’shea placed fifth at 170lbs, wrestling with true heart. 

He fits right in.

This guy just wants to win, and he wrestles with unparalleled intensity on the mat.  This is why he earned the upper weight “Tough Guy of the Week” award.  That kind of drive and desire can’t be taught.
Russell Fitzpatrick finished runner-up at 182 lbs, and Juan Hernandez got off to a good start in his senior campaign by placing third at 195.  Victor Mendoza placed fourth at 220, improving upon his seventh place performance at Cossarek.

For the F/S team, Jake Peets took third, Ian Brault and Jonny Gutierrez both placed fourth, and Nico Lizardi placed sixth.  These guys show much promise for the future of CV wrestling.

To top it all off, Capo is now ranked ninth in Orange County.  This is the first time in 5-6 years, perhaps more, that we’ve cracked the OC top 10. 

What lesson(s) should we take from all this?  Simple: Confidence, but not cockiness.  We should now have the confidence that we belong on the mat with anyone.  The past few weeks we’ve been beating people that we perhaps “shouldn’t” be beating, at least on paper.  We now know we have what it takes to stand toe to toe with whomever.

However, we cannot rest on our laurels and become cocky.  We still have weaknesses, and we still have things we must work on in training.  Time is of the essence and we cannot waste a moment laying back.  Our competition is not relaxing, that’s for sure!  The SC League boasts the #2, #5, #9 and #12 teams in the OC.  That’s a mighty tough league, and we can’t let up!

Make today a good training day.  It will count come February.

Two “pats on the back” are in order.  First, good job to all the fellas that competed at Summer League Finals: Russell Fitzpatrick, the bros. Coley (Zane and Kyle), and Ryan Tye.  All braved a very, ummm, un-well run tournament in order to better themselves.  Russell won first !  Russell, you’re a red-headed, flat-topped beast…emphasis on the beast.

Second, Shane Johnston is a wrestlin’ fool…I mean a wrestling fool.  He’s gone to so many camps I’ve lost count.  Recently he went to the CSUF camp, where he ran into a few awesome young men, one of which was NCAA champ Anthony Robles of Arizona St.  Check out the pic below:


For all who are wondering, yes, he has only one leg. He won an NCAA title on one leg.  Some people even have the audacity to call that an advantage!  I actually think the criticism is a compliment to Robles’ character: he took what is DEFINITELY a disadvantage and figured a way to make it work for him, so well that people now call it an advantage.  That’s the textbook definition of a “no obstacles” attitude.  BTW, he also won two prestigious ESPY awards this year.

Anyway, as I’ve said before, look out for these fellas in 2011-12.  They’re gonna be ready.

This Thursday, 5:30 pm at San Clemente H.S, there will be yet another scrimmage, this time with Bakersfield H.S.  Just in case you didn’t know, they were state champs in 2010 and finished runner up in 2011.  This is an awesome opportunity!  You need to go.  If you don’t have a ride, find a way to get there.  This is just another opportunity to better yourself.

Speaking of opportunities, here is a video interview of the bros. Coley, and Christian Hauser.  These three guys are consistently doing extra work to make themselves better, and in all three cases, it has paid off tremendously:


*We are looking for people to donate cases of soda (any and all varieties, regular and diet) for the banquet. You can drop them off or send them in with your wrestler any day or time and we will be storing them until the banquet! Thanks in advance for your help!

*Reminder: please get your payment in for the SCWAY card ($17.50) and the banquet.  Both checks made out to CVHS wrestling booster.

*There is an SCWAY tournament at El Dorado High school on March 19, and one at Newport Harbor High School March 26.  You should go.  Full schedule will come as soon as the powers that be at SCWAY get it out.  The plan is to have 5 tournaments where everyone is expected to go, and outside of that, you can go to the other tournaments as you wish.  When the full schedule comes out, we will let you know which 5 tournaments those will be.  The incentive for getting 50 or more matches in the spring and summer combined is to have your ‘ol ugly mug on our promotional poster (yeah, remember that cool one with the plane in the background?  We’re going to have another one next year…but you must *earn* your way onto it by training hard in the off season!).  That means that if you want to be on that poster, you need to go to many more tournaments outside of the 5 that Capo “sponsors.”

*I just put some posts in the que for the next few days that contains some pretty interesting videos and links.  Be sure to check them out when the posts come up!


The Sky High Dodgeball tournament was an absolute blast!

Christian Hauser, Shane Johnston, Michael Davis, Jericho Uribe, Max Adam, and Jason Hou represented Capo at the Sky High trampoline dodgeball tournament.  They took out some mighty tough teams before falling to the top seeded team in later rounds.  Good job, fellas, and glad you had a blast.  The dealio is for you guys to do stuff like this on your own a lot.  Hey, grab a group, go see a movie, go bowling, go to Sky High on Friday nights…do anything.  The point is that it be clean, be fun, and that you do it together.

Christian Hauser and Juan Hernandez will be representing Capo this weekend at the SCWAY F/So/Jr. state meet in Lemoore.  Zane Coley will also be representing Capo at the USA wrestling F/So state.  That’s the ticket: gettin’ after it in the off season and searching out good competition so you can get better.  Spring/summer training makes winter champions.  Good luck fellas!